Best Hollywood Casino movies

Are you a film fanatic who also loves gambling? What better way to combine two passions than by kicking back with a cold one, snacks by your side and watch an all-time classic Hollywood casino-themed movie. If you’re good at multi-tasking, you could even play your favourite King Casino slot game on your mobile or tablet while you’re watching the movie!  

Gambling and casinos have been a big inspiration to film-writers and producers and have always been popular with viewers too. Here are some of the best Hollywood blockbusters that you should watch if you’re a casino fan.   

Casino Royale 

No list would be complete without this brilliant Bond film, featuring exhilarating poker games and plenty of action and glamour. 007 is on a mission to beat a terrorist banker Le Chiffre at a high-stakes game of poker in a stunning casino in Montenegro. You’ll love the intense gambling scenes in this film and the tension bills whilst Bond and Le Chiffre play until the last card. It’s a poker lover’s dream film! 


If you’re looking for a 90s throwback film to enjoy give Croupier a watch which was produced back in 1998 starring Cliven Owen as a writer who, in a bid to get some inspiration for a novel works as a croupier in a London casino. However, he soon gets caught up in a casino heist. What is loved most about this film is Clive Owen’s portrayal of a croupier who revels in the losses of players which you get an insight into thanks to his internal monologue which reveals a cold and calculating croupier. A British classic that you shouldn’t miss!  

Ocean’s Eleven 

This film starring George Clooney as con-man Danny Ocean who along with his talented cronies take on three Las Vegas casinos for the biggest heist in history, targeting the Bellagio, the MGM Grand and the Mirage. Not only does Ocean have ambitions of getting away with $160m but he also has his sights set on winning back his ex-wife played by Julia Roberts – so if you’re a bit of a romantic at heart, you’ll love this movie. If you’re after a fun and fast-paced film to enjoy which gives you an insight into some of the biggest casinos in Vegas, make sure to put Ocean’s Eleven on your list! 


Another 90s classic is Casino which stars the legendary Robert DeNiro as the protagonist Sam “Ace” Rothstein who goes to Las Vegas on a mission to look after the interests of the Kansas City mob bosses whilst he manages a casino. Love is on the cards for Sam as he falls for Ginger played by Sharon Stone who is a notorious and very glam hustler. But, it’s a hard task juggling your love life, turning a casino into a success and keeping the local authorities and mob mosses happy and it soon spells trouble for Sam. It’s a long watch, but it’s a brilliant classic and will get you in the mood to play your favourite casino games!