Mr. Harmandeep Khurana, Founder of The Barbeque Company


When we people had started believing that the restaurant sector was thrashing in Covid-19, Mr. Harmandeep Khurana comes up with lots of safety measure at The Barbeque Company, where the crowd are still coming to taste their delicious food as they have a belief in The restaurant. Graduated from Delhi University Mr. Harmandeep Khurana started his career as a businessman in logistics in 2006. After few years he realized that he wants to do something different and in 2015 he founded the first outlet of the Barbeque Company in Janakpuri, New Delhi back in 2015. Currently he is running Barebeque outlets in Preet Vihar, Janakpuri, Noida, Gurgaon and Jaipur. Being the people person that he is, he realized his passion lies in serving quality food to people. Not so long ago it seemed like a dream to him, to own a leading F&B brand chain.

Mr.Harmandeep Khurana founder of Barbeque
Mr.Harmandeep Khurana founder of Barbeque

Following his dreams to establish a premium F&B brand has not been an easy road for him, especially as he had no prior experience of food industry. But his passion for food surpassed all challenges that came along the way. He waited for the right opportunity and left his family business legacy to make The Barbeque Company a premium restaurant chain that it is today, with stupendous service, magnificent interiors & phenomenal delicacies.

After the establishment of The Barbeque Company, Harmandeep Khurana is now aiming to have more than 25 restaurants all across India with more than 100 crores turnover by 2025. He is working so hard to make his dream become a reality, and with Barbeque Company becoming favourite all across and gaining so much popularity, that day is not far away when we all will see Harmandeep as one of the leading restaurateur of the country.

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