Aditya Mehta Foundation – ‘Solidarity Run and Ride’

Solidarity Run & Ride' AMF

Aditya Mehta Foundation and CRPF, hosted the ‘Solidarity Run and Ride’ in support of the cause, to show solidarity and raise awareness for Para-Athletes, on the eve of the World Disability Day (3rd December), on Sunday at the People’s Plaza. The ‘Solidarity Run and Ride’ was flagged-off by H.E. Dr. Tamilsai Soundararajan, Hon’ble Governor of Telangana. Also present were Shri M.R. Naik, IG, CRPF; Shri Raja Mouli, Film Director; Shri Anjani Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad; Mr Tarun Joshi, Jt. Commissioner of Police; Shri Shobhu Yarlagadda, CEO, M/s ARKA Media Works, Producer Baahubali Ms Shilpa Reddy, Former Mrs. India & AMF Trustee; Shri Dinakar Babu, IAS, MD, Sports Auhtority of Telangana; Shri K Durga Prasad, IPS, Ex DG CRPF & AMF Trustee & Aditya Mehta, Founder of the Aditya Mehta Foundation.

H.E. Dr. Tamilsai Soundararajan speaking on the occasion, I am delighted to know that Aditya Mehta Foundation, is taking the message of self confidence to the physically challenged not just in Telangana but the entire country. Aditya Mehta, despite his disability is more inspiring to the society than most of the able bodied, he is an embodiment of high spirit and courage and needs to be appreciated by all of us. He in fact is the most abled amongst us, he is the guiding light through his foundation to several disabled, including those from the armed forces. He has given the motivation to all of them to look forward to life well beyond the disability and lead as normal a life as any one of us.

Shri Anjani Kumar said, each day the sun rise is the beginning of a new day and new enthusiasm, new challenges crop up every day and the satisfaction we gain when we overcome those is immense. I am truly getting motivated by Aditya Mehta and all of you. It’s only when we overcome challenges in life, the meaning of life becomes more deeper and more enjoyable and satisfying.

Shri Raja Mouli said, life creates several hurdles and each one of us thinks why me. Nature creates hurdles for everyone but people with right mindset see an opportunity in every hurdle. People like Aditya Mehta and para-athletes are an inspiration to all of us.

Ms Shilpa Reddy said, it’s heartening to see so many enthusiasts participating and encouraging this cause. The founder of AMF, Aditya Mehta. an able bodied person who became disabled due to an accident, is an inspiration to many, the two medals he earned for the country, turned into 85 international medals for India. This was possible because of the team at the foundation, which screens, counsels and trains persons who lost limbs in the line of duty. They are screened for 28 sports and are trained professionally in the sport they are suitable for. The foundation recently set up Asia’s number one Para Sports Academy and Rehabilitation center, which enables us be more effective in making our athletes competitive. By 2021 we have a dream to make India the Number one in Para Olympics, countries like China and USA won 1500 odd medals in para Olympics in 2016, while we won only four medals. It’s time we changed this, though it’s a big dream. When we compare our problems with the Divyangans, they seem very small and the able bodied getting involved with the Divyangans will give a huge boost to them.

The Run and Ride had an overwhelming response, with able-bodied enthusiasts showcasing enormous support to the cause and expressing solidarity, by participating in large numbers. Over 7000 participants took part in the various races at the Solidarity Run and Ride, including 10k cycle ride; 10k run and 5k run.

We would like to show that disabled people can accomplish as much or even better than many able-bodied people. It is also an opportunity to spread the word that road accidents is a major cause disability and that the Police plays a critical role in preventing such accidents and disability, says Aditya Mehta.

The event was supported by CRPF, Hyderabad Police, Cyberabad Police, Sports Authority of Telangana, Rachakonda Police; National Police Academy, CISF, Mindspace Raheja, Bharathi Cements, Flash, Aurobindo Pharma, B.N Rathi and Sons, HMDA, Continental Hospitals, Kotak Mahindra, SCSC, Macromedia, Mighty Events, Vajra Events, Aparna, and Hyderabad Runners.