Arogya Finance joins hands with Doctors and Hospitals


Arogya FinanceArogya Finance, a social healthcare venture based out of  Mumbai is tying-up with various doctors and hospitals for bariatric surgeries, joints treatments and many more. Arogya Finance will facilitate easy Equated Monthly Installments to patients to pay for the treatments provided by the doctors and hospitals.

“Unexpected healthcare expenses have led to over 40 million people to fall into poverty every year due to heavy expenses incurred for numerous treatments. Arogya Finance has initiated tie-ups with various doctors and hospitals to make medical loans available to patients at the right time and place in different parts of India. We are already in talks with many hospitals, pharma companies and major doctors across India to provide a one-stop financial solution for people in need whenever and wherever there is an unforeseen medical emergency.” said Mr. Jose Peter, Co-Founder and CEO of Arogya Finance.

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