Biojobz plans to enable recruitment of 500 professionals in Bio and Pharma industry this year

Pune, 31st January 2023: Biojobz, India’s industry leader in Executive Search & recruitment for the Biotech & Pharmaceutical industry has announced aggressive plans to enable recruitment of 500 professionals in the Bio and Pharma industry this year. The company also seeks to strengthen its position in Startup Life Science Space, R&D Services, Medical Diagnostics, Clinical Research, and Hospital and Healthcare organizations. Additionally, the recruitment agency will be keeping an eye out for new KPOs emerging in the medical space.

With a wealth of experience, Biojobz understands the ever-changing requirements of the Bio-Pharma industry and accordingly delivers the right fitment of middle and senior resources while also considering the candidates’ long-term career aspirations. So far this year, Biojobz has successfully recruited 35 professionals, and with the expansion of its skilled team, the company is poised to easily cross 500+ middle and senior-level placements across Biotech & Pharmaceutical industry verticals.

Speaking on the new targets, Dr. Ganesh Nikam, Managing Director and CEO of Biojobz said, “As the industry leader in the online recruitment for the Bio-Pharma industry, we are thrilled to announce our new year targets with a special focus on identifying skilled employees for our job offering clients.”

“The bio-pharma industry is highly knowledge-intensive, and companies struggle to recruit, train, and retain competent employees. At Biojobz, we, therefore, have assembled a team of young, enthusiastic, dynamic go-getters with solid educational backgrounds who are committed to delivering in demanding situations. We also have the largest database and network of healthcare professionals built over a decade, allowing us to deliver solutions with the greatest accuracy and speed. Our vision is to use our decade-plus of experience in providing superior performance to clients while diligently building a large database and professional relationships to become the number one choice for executive hiring.” Dr. Ganesh added.

In India, Biojobz is primarily based in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Vizag, Gujarat, and Maharashtra in India. For the current calendar year, the online recruitment company is laser-focused to mark its footprints in North Indian states while also raising awareness among the Biotech & Pharmaceutical community about its expertise and the value it delivers to businesses.