Bristlecone Labs launches in the Valley to Realize the Vision of Digitally Connected Supply Chains


Bristlecone India Limited LogoBristlecone, a premier supply chain advisory and analytics SaaS+ firm, has launched Bristlecone Labs, its flagship research center and Center of Excellence (CoE) for nurturing IoT and advanced analytics applications. In this
era of highly connected, multi-enterprise supply chains, Bristlecone Labs, with its first site in Silicon Valley, provides the ideal environment for customers to conduct sophisticated IT research in leading-edge technologies that impact the supply chain.

Bristlecone Labs enables the rapid prototyping and co-creation of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and advanced analytics use cases for manufacturing and retail. This innovation hub enables customers to define the next generation roadmap for supply chain planning and execution. Sensors and advanced analytics bring real-time ‘sense-and-respond’ scenarios to their supply chains. Bristlecone Labs will allow customers to experience, first-hand, the impact that edges (boundaries or end points) of the supply chain can have on their businesses.

Irfan A. Khan, President and CEO, Bristlecone, stated, “Today’s supply chains are extremely susceptible to disruption. The ability to predict the points of failure and respond with agility can be a true game changer.
Bristlecone is building niche, intelligent platforms to help our clients gain a competitive advantage by responding real-time to these issues. We are excited to see the infinite upside potential this initiative brings to our customers’ businesses, increasing agility and resilience and improving customer satisfaction and financials.”

Bristlecone has a long and rich history of delivering value through end-to-end supply chain advisory and implementation services. Through its cutting-edge solutions like Energy Use Reduction, Machine Health Detection, and Real-time Inventory Detection and Management leveraging IoT and advanced Cloud-based analytics, it
enables its customers to sense and respond in real-time and extract business efficiencies to their fullest capacities.

According to Gartner, “Open innovation recognizes that valuable capabilities and talent exist outside the organization, and that genuine breakthroughs often come from unexpected fields. Open innovation uses the
ecosystem to connect internal and external resources, as well as ideas, throughout the entire innovation process.”[]1] Bristlecone Labs is leading the charge in realizing this spirit of Open Innovation.

Ramesh Sivakaminathan, Vice President, Practice and Innovation, Bristlecone shared, “Digital economy needs like rapid prototyping require a one-stop partner who understands the dynamic nature of the technology and the
diverse eco-system of providers. These partners can quickly enable turnkey solutions that are cost-optimized and easy to deploy. This is where Bristlecone makes a difference to the end customer.” He added, “In today’s competitive landscape, faster time-to-market, accelerated implementation of projects and quick, accurate decision-making are critical competitive advantages that we will co-create with our customers with Bristlecone Labs.”

Bristlecone is a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, a global federation with nearly USD 28 billion market capital and businesses spanning utility vehicles, IT, defense systems, automotive, hospitality and more. Bristlecone
Labs embodies the federation’s core value of ‘Rise’, which stands for accepting no limits, developing alternative thinking and driving positive change.

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