Budget Reaction- Augustana || Education Sector and Skilling Youth for 21st Century demands

Prateek Gujral, Principal Advisor – South Asia, Augustana University, South Dakota, US

The comprehensive budget for 2023-2024 seems to be taking care of everything, viz, inclusive growth, education, youth and skilling, infrastructure, entrepreneurship, etc. Besides, it is heartening to know that all taxpayers will be paying lesser now.

For inclusive education, the government has astutely put forward initiatives like the recruitment of teachers for 740 Eklavya Model Residential Schools, revamped teachers’ training via District Institutes of Education and Training, and Digital Library for children.

Although it was not announced, we are hoping that the government has taken care allocation of funds for higher education, especially towards its internationalization. India’s Government’s goal of having 25% Indians as the world’s workforce by 2047 needs a lot of investment and policy interventions.

The idea should of enabling competitive jobs while providing quality and accessible education opportunities for all, to develop their skills and capabilities. Collective efforts with global best practices in education, which marry Indian demography and needs, can lead India to become a higher middle-income country.

Exposure to internationalization is essential. Exposure to the global community for university students is important to produce a smart workforce through exchange programs. India not only needs to be open to collaborating with foreign universities, but it should strive to emerge as a study-abroad destination as well.