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In comparing car financing two factors helped cause the shift to leasing. Firstly, new cars prices have rapidly spiralled upwards over the last few years, often putting prices out of reach of average buyers.

Secondly, the increased cost of housing, food, and other necessities of life have left less money in many families’ monthly budget for transportation. The gross effect is that people have become increasingly eager to find ways to make personal vehicles more affordable and to preserve their cash for more important purposes.

Auto manufacturers and finance companies have provided a viable way for intending car owners to access various consumer car leasing programs. These programs are modified versions of business leasing that have been around for decades. This has helped to explain much of the strange language and confusing concepts associated with consumer leasing today.

What makes leasing popular in the finance industry because it provides a way for individuals to drive the vehicles they want – often better vehicles than they could buy – for less money and less hassle. Low monthly payments are a big attraction, although we will discover why it is pertinent to look at other factors before deciding to lease.


Leasing can offer a lot of advantages but it may not fit everybody’s needs and lifestyle. Additionally, when you compare car leases to new-car purchase loans, the former is more complicated to work out and would require greater care and preparation in order to get a good fair deal and avoid problems.


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Which is more preferred? A car lease or new-car purchase loan?

The answer to this question varies. It is not possible to simply say that one is always better than the other because the answer depends on the specifics of each individual situation, which we will explain further.

Leasing a car is a great option for some people, but certainly not for others. Some will not qualify because of credit, income, or other requirements as the case may be. If you are considering leasing, it is pertinent to know how to determine if a lease is a good option for you, or if you qualify. 


Leasing is only an option for financing brand new cars, not used cars, although leasing of used luxury cars is available from speciality car dealers in some cities of the country.

Leases and purchase loans are two different methods of automobile financing. Car leasing is not for renting as many people seem to think. It is not at all like an apartment leasing. Relatively leasing is similar to renting in some respects, car leasing and car renting are completely different and should not be confused.

If you find yourself not sure of whether buying or leasing a car, the first step to take is to calculate your projected monthly cost for leasing your choice car and then compare it with owning the same vehicle. Also, you need to factor in the amount of flexibility you will have for each option, which is based on your costs and needs. That way, you will decide which of them has the best deal.

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