Customer is GOD?


customerIt happens that the tag line meant to define the role of the customers in business has been changed. Days are gone by considering customers as god in business. But the true fact to remain that customers only decide the fate of a products or a company.

A company which neglects the sentiments of customers would collapse in business in a long-run, and this is for sure. So, the business without concerning customers view may not last for long. What equation will fit in a long-run in the world of the business?

Here comes the opportunity for the online sales companies, those have been in the race or recently started online business, have chances of boom one-day. It is because, the customers can complaint and report issues, or share their concerns with these online selling companies digitally.

Where as I believe, in the other places, customers concern are less matter for the companies. That many be different with the big companies. Customers grievances should be taken as priority, but those fail will vanish from the world business.

Customer satisfaction over your product is more important, since most of the companies do spend a lot on quality, and the feedback from customers matters much than the quality testing reports. Because it’s in-house report, while customers feedback is the proper opinion which comes after investing and judging the product.

Companies and businessmen should aim to address the concerns of their customers.

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