DishiS launches a new range of celestial zodiac pendants


The trend of accessory fashion is constantly adapting and evolving. Zodiac accessories are the new talk of the town and gaining popularity in the market. Therefore, DishiS introduced a new line of zodiac pendants designed exclusively for astrology enthusiasts.

Individuals from all walks of life, especially young women, are applying astrology to help them guide and navigate through life decisions and purchasing zodiac accoutrements and clothing worldwide. The collection of fulgurating pendants is available in every astrological sign. The “BIS Hallmarked’ pendants are incredibly versatile and come in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, comprising up to 14KT and 18KT of gold. These pendants are the ultimate pick for every lady who is looking for fashionable jewellery based on the zodiac.

The whirlwind trend of zodiac jewellery led DishiS to launch celestial neck pieces for individuals who love stargazing and horoscopes.

As quoted by Dishi Somani, Founder of DishiS Jewels, “The range of stellar pendants is crafted especially for individuals who want to add the elements of astrology to their lifestyle.”

While each necklace in your collection might hold a special significance, we frequently identify with these sun signs or moon signs inspired designs as if they were a natural progression of our personality. No matter which zodiac sign you belong to, the earth, water, fire, and air signs feel incredibly personal and even reassuring at times. If you want to customise your jewellery collection, the selection of pendants is the best way to do so while also adding a peculiar touch.