Enhance the damaged Tresses with Awapuhi Wild Ginger


Awapuhi Wild Ginger rangelaunched by John Paul Mitchell Systems, America’s high performance hair care company with its transformative technology and reinforcing properties, helps revive, replenish and restores the hair to its healthy, hydrated self.

Awapuhi is sourced from the organic, solar powered John Paul Mitchell systems Awapuhi farm in Hawaii. The range helps repair broken and brittle strands to make it healthy and hydrated. It also assists in rehydration of dry and frizzy hair to make it softer and add shine.

Considered as a heritage ingredient, Awapuhi Wild Ginger extract is fused with products to give an elegant, salon quality treatment that aids in hair repair, smoothing and styling. It transforms hair at the deepest levels and is a perfect solution for women looking for sophisticated hair care with proven results.

The range features exclusive salon treatment products, KeraTriplexTreatment & HydraTriplex Treatment. These 10 ml performance driven products are packed with indulgent ingredients. From repairing, smoothing, hydrating and styling, these products are proven to repair damage from heat, styling and aging. The nourishing 4-step treatment includes a hair wash, use of KeraTriplex/HydraTriplex ampule (depending on the hair type), followed by Keratin Instensive Treatment and concluded with rinse.

The range also features sulphate-free products for salon and home use like;

Moisturizing Lather Shampoo – (250 ml – Rs. 2160)
A sulphate free shampoo that gently hydrates, protects and helps rebuild and repair dry and brittle ends

Keratin cream rinse – Detangle and Revive (250 ml – Rs 2160)
It is used for daily conditioning and, strengthens and protects the hair while detangling. KeraTriplex® technology protects every strand and repairs and restores hair with Keratin Cream Rinse.

Mirror smooth shampoo – Frizz control, Moisture balance (250 ml – Rs 2160)
It is used to hydrate hair while protecting against frizz and unruly hair. It is gentle with rich foam that works to restore the hair’s optimal moisture balance. The advanced KeraReflect blend with natural Abyssinian oil helps replenish moisture, smoothen the cuticle and boost shine.

Mirror smooth conditioner – Eliminates frizz, Superior softness (200 ml – Rs 2160)
It is used as a conditioner and instantly hydrates and detangles hair making it easy to comb. The exclusive KeraReflect blend with natural Abyssinian oil helps smoothen, soften every strand while fighting frizz, and creates a gorgeously shiny and reflective finish.

Paul Mitchell® currently produces over 200+ products right from award-winning styling and hair care products to cutting-edge heat styling tools and professional hair color. It is available in over 130 countries worldwide.