Enterprise Healthcare Company Clinivantage delivers last mile Healthcare

Dr Abhay Chopada Clinivantage

Clinivantage is an enterprise healthcare company delivering last mile healthcare to rural areas, making healthcare more accessible and affordable. It is an integrated digital platform that connects doctors, hospitals, caregivers and service providers with patients in real time and puts them in control of their health, bringing speed, simplicity, transparency and efficiency to patient care.

Clinivantage is using its experience to provide hassle free services equally to healthcare consumers as well as healthcare providers, while creating a connected healthcare ecosystem that is not bound by any geographical boundaries. Clinivantage is encompassing private as well as public healthcare sector. The healthcare startup is augmenting its solutions with Business intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) devices and delivering the best of both the worlds to the healthcare space.

Clinivantage’s flagship platform Pro.Care, hosts and delivers its solutions to healthcare providers and consumers through PaaS model (Platform as a Service) which has basic requirements of hardware and connectivity. Complete data security, immense ease of operations and navigation encourages all users to be part of digital healthcare. Users of Clinivantage Platform can search for doctors, schedule appointments, create and store healthcare records and access them anytime anywhere. In short, Clinivantage is empowering and enabling the healthcare space through its platform.

To curb malpractices and bring transparency Clinivantage have come up with app MyLife that holds over 10 million records; enabling access to personal health record, prescription and mobile tele-medicine with their preferred doctors. It has features like ‘Healthvault’ which contains all your health records, allows you to make appointment with the doctor, sends notifications to pop your pills etc. Doctors, who are a part of the platform, can share the prescription with e-chemist and the medicines will be delivered to your home.

Nilesh Jain, Dr. Abhay Chopada and Dinesh Samudra are the founding members of Clinivantage.