Former Steve Jobs Engineer Creates BidToTalk™ Platform for Influencer Revenue


BidToTalk leverages the network effect of millions of influencers promoting to 3.8 billion followers by offering influencers a new way to monetize their audiences. With plans to go public in 2021, their Wefunder campaign has already garnered more than $180,000 from 83 investors taking their total investment to $216,000 (including $36,000 seed money).

Why It Matters

  1. There are only a few marketplaces that provide a platform for audience monetization including Patreon, Cameo, and Superpeer. BidToTalk will stand out by allowing users to bid for time slots for one-on-one video calls creating excitement for the buyers and potentially allowing the market to set a higher price than the influencers may have set for themselves. This creates a strong incentive for influencers to adopt BidToTalk for the chance to earn more per engagement.

  2. Millions of people are looking for ways to work remotely in the age of COVID-19, which means the opportunity is high. Influencers promote their page to their own audience, bringing new users to the platform and raising awareness organically. The company charges 20% on every video call.

  3. Ted Cohn, CEO/CTO worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT, tech-led Nook development for Barnes & Noble, co-founded Ugobe as CTO that launched lifelike Pleo the robotic dinosaur, has authored 10 technology patents, and is extremely qualified and ready to move quickly.

  4. The company plans to go public in 2021.

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