Four stories from Neelesh Misra Project & Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai that will leave you inspired

Four stories from Neelesh Misra Project & Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai that will leave you inspired

There are phases in our lives when we feel the lowest and fail to even flash a smile on jokes shared by our loved ones. In those moments, different people resort to different things to sooth their minds and help them relax. While some of us listen to an old favourite song, a few of us pen down our thoughts in forms of poems or stories. And for some, a simple tale of inspiration can do wonders. Listening to inspirational stories can help one get out of depression, and even provide a fresh perspective/outlook towards life.

Here we bring for you four such amazing inspirational stories, narrated by acclaimed storytellers Neelesh Misra and Sudhanshu Rai, which would not just make you feel inspired, but might even help you evolve within with regard to the person you are. Two of these stories hail from The Neelesh Misra Project while the other two are from popular YouTube channel Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai and have been conceived as well as narrated by the storyteller himself.

1. Adhyapak Ram:

As the name suggests, this is a story of a teacher, who has dedicated his life towards educating the underprivileged children of a small village. The man has spent more than 24 years in the village and in the course of it, transformed hundreds of lives. But he receives the biggest setback of his life when government authorities ask him to vacate his abode for over two decades. The little things that matter to him the most, such as a banyan tree, will no longer be his companion in the final leg of his life. But the unexpected happens when a senior government official visits his residence. Listen to the story:

2. Asavari:

The story has been written by Anulata Raj Nair and narrated by Neelesh Misra. The protagonist of the story is a woman government official, Asavari, who hails from Madhya Pradesh. While the firm officer takes on land/construction mafia through her grit and honesty, she also possesses a softer side within which is in love with an old-time friend. Riding through the see-saw of emotions and the challenges posed, Asavari’s journey leaves us more inspired than ever. Listen to the story:

3. Mangu Chitrakaar:

Conceived as well as narrated by Sudhanshu Rai, ‘Mangu Chitrakaar’ is an inspiring story of a small child, who lost his parents at a tender age and has since been taken care of by her maternal grandmother. What makes him special is the magic in his hands that enables him communicate through a canvas and paints. It is heartbreaking when he is compelled to get separated from his grandmother due to poverty. But thanks to his zeal and talent, he ensures that he comes back better than ever. Listen to the story:

4. Ek The Masterji:

The story is yet another masterpiece, penned by Anulata Raj Nair and narrated by Neelesh Misra. It revolves around an old retired village teacher whose son has secured a high-profile job in a big metro city. The ‘Masterji’ has just two interests in life – spending time with his son and travelling all big cities in India. Unlike many of us, he does not want to remain confined to his roots. But destiny had something else in store for him. The story makes us realise that even death cannot stop us from living our life to the fullest. Listen to the story.