Global Casino Gaming Market to touch USD 264.1 billion by 2024

online casino gaming industry

There is a boom in the global casino gaming industry. The industry is registering the best growth rate across the globe. According to Goldstein Research analyst, the industry is all set to touch the mark of USD 264.1 billion by 2024. The agency also suggested that the online casino game industry is poised to grow at 9.2 percent CAGR during 2016-24. The online casino gaming industry is growing rapidly in markets like South Africa, Chain & Singapore.

The casino game is a popular game and favorable among adults across the world. According to research published by American Gaming Association (AGA), more than 49 percent of the adults in the USA considered the game as their favorite and the industry has registered a growth of four percent compared to the figures registered in 2018.

The overall growth of the online casino industry has pushed the confidence of the gaming industry business fraternity to new heights. The industry leaders of online casino gaming are confident and aiming to get good deals in the upcoming years. The leaders considered that supporting economic growth, high-quality entertainment, innovation, and technology adoption are the major factors for growth.

Game lovers and vendors in the industry have been witnessing a major change in the gaming atmosphere and speculating for a big change with the best entertainment experience in the upcoming years. The online casino game has been a distinctive source of entertainment for adults and game lovers. There are many games to be considered as most played online casino on the internet.

The game industry has been getting the attention of game lovers across the world. In Asia, Singapore is considered as an emerging market for the online casino gaming industry. The revenue of the casino gaming business has been increasing in this country. The revenue touched to USD billion in 2016 and it is speculated to reach new heights by 2024.

The rapid technology adoption by the gaming business fraternity has been considered as the biggest factor that brought a positive environment in the gaming zone. This helped for the new commercial initiatives, market penetration of online casino gaming and the gambling services are all set to achieve new milestones across the globe including Asia.

The contribution of Asia can’t be ignored as it contributes more than 41 percent revenge in the global casino gaming market. Whereas the share of North America is accounted for 38 percent and Los Vegas is very popular for biggest and popular casino gaming destinations.

The casino gaming industry is all set to register growth in the next couple of years, thanks to internet penetration and huge adoption of technologies across the world.

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