Govt need to focus on Agriculture in India

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AgricultureGovernment of India must give more attention on agriculture sector. The recent deaths of farmers across the country has brought the topic into centre stage. For long the governments both central and state government have been declaring waiving of agricultural credit despite, there are reports of farmer suicides.

Taking serious note over the deaths, many government including Odisha declared packages for farmers. Still more need to be done in the filed of agriculture to save the farmers, those are debt ridden. Monsoon plays vital role in define the success of agriculture and fate of farmers in India.

This time, scanty rainfall has faded the dreams of millions of farmers those fall under the category of rainfed sort of agriculture. Poon monsoon has always been a cause of concern for Indian economy as well as farmers. The government at centre has been trying hard to implement favourable measures for the farmers. And, more to be done so that, the confidence of farmers would be not shatter further.

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