Havells introduces STADx, asmart range of switchgear devices for evolving needs of electrical industry

Havells introduces STADx, a smart range of switchgear devices for evolving needs of electrical industry
Mr Saurabh Goel (Left), President, Havells India Ltd., briefing media about the Company’s new initiatives and plans for Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, on Wednesday at Hotel Taj Deccan, as Mr Mahendar Vallakati, Business Head - AP & Telangana, looks on.

Havells India Limited, a leading Fast-Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) company, today introduced STADx, a smart range of switchgear. The technologically advanced range with miniature circuit breaker (MCB) and Distribution Board (DB) provides multiple functionalities such as circuit indicator and positive contact indication. Aesthetically designed, imbued and crafted to meet the requirements of dynamic construction landscape, the Distribution Board (DB) range is IP43 and IK 09 certified.

The growing focus on future ready and innovative solutions in the electrical industry is rapidly transforming the electrical products and systems required to meet sustainability standards. In future, the power system will be technologically superior, smart, self-healing and conducive to IT enabled data sharing and management technology. In line with these demands, the low voltage electrical switchgear industry is also transforming at a rapid pace. Addressing this need, Havells has launched its latest switchgear ST^Dx, to enhance performance in order to meet the operational challenges with smart monitoring and user-friendly features.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Saurabh Goel, President, Havells India Ltd, said. “With technology and innovation at its core, Havells is committed to meet the changing consumer needs with cutting edge solutions. Building on the vision to understand and address the needs of consumers for smart solutions, we are delighted to introduce the new switchgear range based on communication ready platform at Cyber hub of India – Hyderabad. We are confident the ST^D x range of MCB, RCCB and DB with its versatile features and functions that will contribute significantly in providing operational ease and convenience in hotels, office premises and residence.”

With multifunctional capabilities, the advanced version of Havells ST^DX offers real time monitoring status and facilitate pro-active maintenance of the device. The entire range will improve uptime making modern businesses more competitive and limiting intervention cost. With advanced programming of load cycle and efficient energy management, the range is aiming to minimize energy wastage and improve sustainability. Designed to meet the modern needs, the advanced range will enhance safety with flag indication features along with providing ease of usage with its user-friendly features as well.

Key features of the advanced range will include:


Field condition monitoring

  • Continuous real-time monitoring of switchgear device status, right from incomer MCCBs to the final DB level.
  • Immediate alarms of fault-tripping through Havells BMS software, mobile SMS, e-mail alert, etc.
  • Count and record the complete history of switchgear device: ON, OFF, Trip operations, number of running hours etc. This is helpful in estimating the reliability and ageing of electrical installation and facilitating pro-active maintenance.

Improved uptime

  • ST^Dxauto-reclose auxiliaries will improve uptime, making modern businesses even more competitive.
  • In case of permanent fault, the auxiliary will prevent resetting and signal the fault information to monitoring station.


Advance programming of load cycle

  • Havells monitoring system allows users to control when a circuit is powered on/off.
  • Demand side management functions like load reduction, peak load shifting, power consumption according to time-of-use tariff can be easily realized.
  • Load management through to-the-point use will translate into minimal energy wastage, monetary savings, low carbon footprint and sustainability.

Systematic Energy Management

  • ST^Dx communication enabled in-rail meters that will allow real-time monitoring of energy consumption and power indicators (voltage, current, etc.) at sub-DB level.
  • Now users can easily keep track of zone wise usage patterns, quickly identify abnormal trends and re-align with targets.