How brands are empowering the e-commerce sector through technology

How brands are empowering the e-commerce sector through technology?

Giving shoppers the ease to shop from the comforts of their homes, while commuting etc., e-commerce is the sunrise sector in India that has been raving in popularity. With soaring ambition, e-commerce has naturally become one of the go-to destinations for the aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses of varying scales. Furthermore, several key brands and industry leaders are presently enabling the ambition of sellers and catalysing the growth of the e-commerce sector by leveraging the latest technological advancements. Let’s find out more:


Gone are the days when starting an e-commerce used to take huge capital expense or technically skilled workforce. Shopmatic helps you start your own e-commerce website for an annual hosting charge of only Rs. 50. It encourages the start-ups and the entrepreneurs to create their own e-commerce website and mark their foray in the industry. Creating your own e-commerce has never been easier as Shopmatic provides its customers with the power-packed tools and functionalities for developing customised web stores, integrating payment gateways, sorting shipping, logistics, marketplace listing and digital promotions, which help them shape their website in minutes. It starts charging you only when the first transaction is made on your website and just take 3% of the transaction fee. Alternatively, users can also opt for a monthly, half-yearly, or annual subscription charges. Thus, creating the ideal setup for online growth for entrepreneurs and businesses. brings you the newest and smartest online assistant of all times. The brand has developed the e-commerce industry’s first-ever conversational AI platform which would reform the customer service experiences online. This is a much more effective channel which provides the customer with a genuine two-way conversational engagement powered by AI. A customer can simply ask questions from the AI-assistant and get relevant and informative replies. Due to the integration of AI, the responses evolve by learning your preferences and accordingly give you the most relevant suggestions.



No e-commerce can function without a fast and efficient delivery channel. TCIEXPRESS provides with the latest technological solutions for the most streamlined and coherent delivery systems for the customers. The machine learning model helps in integrating the entire supply chain framework to provide the customers with the accurate report of the product at any point of the journey. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, accurate predictions can be made for manufacturing/warehousing and storage/shipping and even technological wear and tear. The evolved and technological framework trumps the conventional ways and provides quick solutions and impresses the modern consumer.



E-commerce websites are the perfect place to advertise most products as the customers are there to buy products in the first place. Admitad uses latest technology to empower the advertisers to run an effective campaign. With tools like ‘tag-tag’ they make it easier for advertisers to work with multiple affiliate networks by integrating tracking data from all of the different networks an advertiser uses. This creates a huge window for the advertisers to freely run their campaigns freely without worrying about any kinks or blocks in their path.