How should common man Deal with inflation, rising prices and fixed salary?

common man

This is a kind of question that is making normal man, spend sleepless nights. Never the less, there is a solution for every problem, and there is an answer for every question. The common man has no control over the rising inflation, or over the prices, but there are things which he can do, to stabilize his standard of living and to cope up with, the rising prices. One way definitely is to have control over his expenditure and cut it down to the minimum, and focus more on needs than on wants.

The other way is to upgrade himself in his skills, may be by planning to upgrade his skills technical and academics, so that there will be a rise in his position and salary. Or else if education is also a too costly affair, he can upgrade by learning technical skills, according to his capability, so that he can earn some part time income based on those skills. There are many other part time jobs, depending upon, and the technical and educational qualification of a person, which will enable one to earn extra income.

Apart from these there are other kinds of businesses and professions that can be done on a part time basis, and the income level is also unlimited, and purely dependent on personal skills, such as an insurance agent, or to be a part or member of networking business. Yes there will be doubts if these things are really yielding, that you have to confirm by yourself, one should spend some real time, doing research as to how far say a insurance company can stand up to its words or in case of part time business, how long the company has been there in the market? How many people have benefited by it and in what ways.

After making sure, that you will gain income or profit, you can spend an hour or two according to your convenience, per day or per week, or say may be on weekends, instead of spending time in leisure, if we engage in these things, we can make extra income. And this to some extent will help in, coping up with inflation and rising prices.

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