Is the Customer Really the King?


Customer is a Kings, no doubt in that. When compared to previous years or old days, I believe definitely customer is the king. Because he has a wide range to choose from. In the previous days, products were less, and there were fewer companies offering qualitative products, the consumers hardly had any choice, but to purchase them. Now the times are entirely different, you have a huge range to choose from, right from the foot path stuff to branded products, you have products available, in various prices, each suitable to the various consumers needs and budget.

Now a day’s right from the soap, we use to the jewelry, there are various kinds available in the market, each suitable to the needs of the particular class of consumers. In fact many of the products or almost all the products are designed and manufactured keeping in view the needs of a particular class of customers. So, it is up to the customer to choose, what kind of products he want to purchase and in what range and quality. In fact if we say that, too much of choice now a day, in almost all of the things is making, consumer more confused.

Take for example soaps; you have more than four varieties of soaps available in each brand. The consumer is really in a state of confusion as to what to choose from. Not only this, take the example of electronics or gadgets, there are numerous varies available in the market, right from galli brand to international brands. The whole market is dumped with new kinds of products stuffed with latest features and facilities. This is true in case of computers and in case of cars also, even the so called best in the world, companies, are designing products keeping in view, various kinds or classes of consumers. They brand the products as ‘A’ class and ‘C’ class.

So, definitely, the customer is the king, in the matter of choosing products, depending on the price and quality.

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