Mobile and Social are The Passport to Consumers Finding Travel Deals Online

BuzzCity, the global mobile advertising network, releases its latest quarterly report on consumer travel trends. The global study of mobile users reveals that consumers are more likely to use social media to source travel destinations and offers than through travel agents. The rising power of social channels and mobile internet is also evident, with 45% of us searching for travel information online.

Such is the rise in mobile internet usage that nearly one in four (22%) of mobile consumers no longer use travel agents at all for gathering holiday information, instead relying on recommendations from review pages and special offers on travel company and resort websites. The research also reveals that 23% of us get our travel information from friends, family and social media.

BuzzCity Co-Founder and CEO Dr. KF Lai said, “The rise of mobile internet has given consumers the ability to either book holidays themselves, compare deals or bring this information to a travel agent”.

Dr. Lai continues, “The travel industry was one of the earliest adopters of the internet and this has transformed the sector. This evolution is heavily linked to technological changes and the impact they are having on consumer habits. What is interesting about our research is that despite easy access to information via the internet, 78% of mobile surfers rely on travel agents in one way or another.”

The latest BuzzCity report surveyed 5,800 mobile surfers across 17 countries, with the data being collected between 15th March and 3rd April 2016.

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