Mock is key to crack UPSC Prelims 2019

Mock is key to crack UPSC Prelims 2019

Civil Services Exams are the coveted choices in most Indian families. And when it comes to preparation for the Civil Services Exam, aspirants are always up-heel giving in their best shot to learning and understanding the syllabus and its in-depth explanations. But amere understanding of the curriculum does never suffice the purpose of excelling in the Civil Services Examination. You must be familiar with the pattern and style of questions asked in the actual exams and all the tricks that will help you eliminate the chances of negative marking. There is always a solution to master your preparation and for Civil Services Examination, Mock Tests are the key! Wondering why? Read this article to know from experts as to why should you take UPSC Prelims mock tests!


With UPSC Prelims Exam coming up, it is crucial to understand why should you take these Prelims Mock Tests, at first place?


  1. Understanding & learning the pattern of UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam –Civil Services Exam, being one of the most competitive examinations, comes with a round of speculations revolving around the examination pattern, difficulty level of the questions, etc.And being the most unpredictable exam, students must solve as many Test Series as possible to cover almost every probable question which can be asked by UPSC.
  2. Boost up the confidence level-Solving a good number of Mock Tests help students not only cover the entire syllabus and important topics efficiently while understanding the pattern, but also boost up the confidence level to go for the final quest as the Test Series are always designed in strict regard to that of UPSC Civil Services Exam
  3. Assessing oneself –Since, assessing oneself for a highly competitive examination is must to be done at regular intervals, Mock Tests are the only best sources to asses yourself on the most relevant questions and topics, which hold high probability of being asked in the actual Civil Services Prelims Exam.
  4. Practising your way to perfection –If you look at the trends for the past 10 years, competition has increased way beyond expectations and is thus affecting the success rate even for the serious candidates. Now when you don’t have an assurance of success, it is obvious that mastering the syllabus to the needful depths is the only way out! Practising this knowledge is of utmost importance to synchronise your preparation with the expectations of your examiner.

A series of right mock tests and regular solving of the same will help you master this knowledge in all the needful dimensions, resulting in an improved performance for the actual exams! ‘Candidate preparing for the Civil Services Prelims exam must solve multiple tests to practice and get a stronger hold each subject and dimension covered in the Civil Services Prelims Exam. It is believed that more the encounter you have with a subject, better are the chances of remembering its elements and information.

  1. Mocks are the ultimate confidence booster –Trust and confidence on one’s dedication & efforts are certain elements that always compliment the preparation for exams like the Civil Services Examination. And what will increase your confidence more than perfecting the preparation in the right way? Mock Tests are an ultimate confidence booster and solving multiple tests will also help you enhance your concentration.


‘For students who are gearing up for CSE 2019, this is the perfect time to enrol for the Prelims Test Series and perfect the Prelims preparation. And for students who are preparing for CSE 2020/21 can also try their hands on attempting the Prelims Test Series. It is never too late, to gain knowledge and perfect one’s preparation for any exam in life. And when it is something as grand as Civil Services, you just cannot take the chances.