Notebook launches CBSE English and Hindi

Notebook, a digital content portal that allows children and parents to learn topics from their respective school syllabi through engaging videos and notes, has recently launched its CBSE English and Hindi courses.

Where other Edtech brands have focused on Maths and Science primarily, Notebook is the first of its kind effort in CBSE English and Hindi in the country.

It was previously perceived that knowledge of Science and Maths was crucial to earn a decent livelihood as it meant the possibility of becoming an engineer or a doctor. However, we are now seeing a new India, where the youth icons are Stand-up comics, Content creators, Storytellers, Artists, Athletes and other people who have chosen to express their right brain inclinations. In this transformed nation, communication and creativity are the two most essential skills, which subjects like English and Hindi – particularly literature – tap into. Students with more analytical and scientific aptitude also have something to look forward to. Notebook will be launching courses for all of the school subjects over the next few months.

Notebook makes the student future-ready, armed with the confidence of great communication. It is offering an unrivalled content quality in both these subjects. Extreme care has been taken to offer a blend of unmatched coverage, precise and concise delivery, spectacular art and an enriched user experience across the product.  Users can sign up for free and enjoy a 30 days free trial before they decide if they want to upgrade to the paid plans.

Speaking on this launch Achin Bhattacharyya, Founder and CEO of Notebook (Chartered Accountant & Ex Director, Deloitte) says

 “The time has come when quality education which is engaging, accessible and affordable has to be made available to one and all. As a country with a unique demographic advantage, we are standing at the cusp of a major knowledge revolution which will cement our place at the global high-table, not only as cost-effective back-office service providers who can slog long hours, but also as thought leaders, trendsetters and innovators with unmatched skills and an impeccable value system.

Our deep rooted tradition of Indian parents’ sincerity and countless unseen sacrifices towards the cause of their child’s education ensures that core skills and strong values are instilled in most of us. The only barrier in this aspirational journey is expressing ourselves through confident and creative communication. Hence, we have begun our journey through Hindi and English languages in order to contribute effectively towards bridging this gap.

As a brand Notebook is a unique effort on our part to make available best-in-class content with a level of engagement and curation that is easily ahead of our peer group by more than a decade. We sincerely request every student to take advantage of the free trial window and subscribe to us only once they are convinced about the merit.”