Ojuven Resort: A Rejuvenating Retreat

Ojuven Resort

Whats expected from the youth after he graduates? Specially a youngster belonging from a lower middle class family. A well paid job maybe. But, there are certain examples that we set by these young blood who wish to stand out of the crowd and think out of the box.

Mr. Naresh Sharma Bhardwaj hailing from a middle class background in Himachal Pradesh, where father worked as a teacher and mother was a housewife. This man always aspired to start his own career and put in so much of hard-work that luck is forced to favour him.

Success didn’t come easy to him. Many failed attempts, hundreds of innovative business ideas and the zest to always move forward took him to this pedestal of prosperity. Let’s look into his life in abstract.

After completing his graduation from Himachal Pradesh University, Mr. Naresh Sharma Bhardwaj thought of starting a business from where he could utilise resources available in the small district of HP he lived in. He started with his dairy business from where he earned a living only to meet his basic needs. But that source didn’t get him enough to save for the future. So he decided to cultivate the ancestral land and make great conversions from it. But luck was hard initially. The land was barren. Mr. Naresh Sharma Bhardwaj soon shifted back to his dairy business. But everyday a new thought crossed his mind and one day he decided to follow his dreams.

naresh bhardwaj Ojuven Resort

He visited the ancestral land in village bharara in himachal pradesh and came up with the idea of starting a resort upon seeing the various tourist attraction site and tourist numbers paying a visit there. Unique hut resort wasbuilt to give the visitors an experience of a lifetime. Here family, friends, trekkers, bikers, couples, etc., share their lives with us for a few days and feel ignorant to the wordly criticisms.

Mr. Naresh Sharma Bhardwaj takes pride in what he has built for the tourists. Along with the large flora and fauna, the place has beautiful scenic places to visit and some age old stories that are heard from the locals. There’s a story behind each visiting place here and the remains of the list habitat give concrete support to it.

Here are a few must visit places that have age old legends behind it:

  1. Village Bhamrara– In the middle of the village is a temple of Naag Devta. Legend says there was a family living with no children. The family was truly devoted to Lord Shiva. One day a child took birth in their house but it was a snake. The mother still took care of her snake child and one day the snake asked her to take her leave but she couldn’t let go of her child. When he tried to leave, the mother took his tail but he snapped her grip and she fell on a distant mountain peak. That place is home to Mata Bhuvneshwari whose invisible powers are still felt in the region. Visitors come all over to this place and seek blessings. The temple is a one-hour trek from Ojuven Resort. Here ill- souled humans come and drink the very known magical water. They’re known to cure the ill health persons.
  1. Mihanigarh -Another popular destination, which can be reached both by car and foot from the Ojuven Resort. It takes half an hour to reach there on foot. Our ancestors tell the tale of an old castle built in Mihanigarh that houses the temple of Koteshwar Mahadev. This castle is said to be built by the Rana of Kumarsen and was used as jail for prisoners, much before independence. This area is also known as Pargana ubadesh Legends say this land has seen many wars. Apart from the history, the place is extremely a picturesque location.
  1. Nava– Named after Mata Naveshwari, who is Mata Nainadevi’s part, it’s story is very devotional. Legends say when population from Mata Nainadevi’s paradise, in district of Kangra, there was goddess’s power with the people who trekked towards the Nava peak. Crossing various dense peaks and jungles, when the group finally reached Nava, the goddess indicated her devotees to keep her there and build habitat on both sides if the Nava peak. It’s said, Mata comes among her devotees even today. The ambiance here is very peaceful and being 7500 feet above sea level, this site is apt for doing meditation. You can reach by a half hour trek from Ojuven Resort.

So, you still don’t need many reasons to visit this exotic place in the arms of Himachal Pradesh. Enjoy the luxurious hut experience along with various adventure activities and a greener ambiance to purify your soul. Rejuvenation begins at www.ojuvenresort.com.