One doesn’t know what future holds for this generations with technology transforming the world, but the foundation you lay should hold them steadfast : Mr Skand Bali, HPS Principal

Felicitates the passing out students of IPTTA, at its 6th Convocation Ceremony!
Elated students of IPTTA - - a preschool teachers training academy; celebrating at the glittering 6th Convocation ceremony, on Sunday at Bhaskara Auditorium, Basheerbagh, as IPTTA Director Mrs Sonal Ravi Andrews (extreme right) applauds.

Integrated preschool teachers training Academy (IPTTA) hosted a glittering6th Convocation Ceremony, amidst jubilance and euphoria amongst the passing out students of the 2018-19 batch, on Sunday at Bhaskara Auditorium, Basheerbagh. Chief Guest Mr Skand Bali, Prinicipal, HPS, Hyderabad; conferred the certificates and felicitated45 candidates. Guest of Honour Mrs Sultana Moidu, a legend in the field of Early Child Education, IPTTA President, Dr Ravi Andrews and Director Mrs Sonal Ravi Andrews, were present on the occasion.

Mr Skand Bali said, the challenges ahead of all of you graduating today is immense, the generation you are dealing with doesn’t know what the future has for them, how the future is going unveil for them treat them, the professions they get in we may not even be aware today, the courses that will be available for them we don’t know yet and with technology coming in, the advent of Artificial intelligence, families becoming smaller and smaller, with such complexity ahead you can’t expect any less challenges in your profession. What is important for you to remember is that the age group you are dealing with biologically and scientifically is very active in terms of their growths, emotional growth, mental growth, psychological growth. So it’s very important, apart from teaching alphabets and numeric, the teacher should also develop an aptitude of questioning in them, which is becoming critical and a necessary trait in any profession, by the day. Because in the current scenario degrees alone will not take them ahead, the qualification can become immaterial, but skills like creativity, critical thinking, compassion, communication, character, collaboration become important for them and need to be inculcated at a very early age. And you as teachers I need to say, the profession you are getting into is not easy, dealing with the youngest educational generation is extremely challenging, unfortunately in our country the special skills required in a critical job as early child education is not really valued, where it is easiest to teach like in colleges is best paid and where it is most difficult to teach like the nursery and pre-primary level are not as well paid. There are challenges with in the class room too, you will be thrown challenges by the parents, they may yell at you, may say thing which are not appropriate, you may feel disgruntled sometimes by the principals, educators, colleagues. But please remember one thing, the zeal which brought you into this profession, don’t ever let that die down. Whenever I get troubled or get stressed, I take a walk in my pre-primary section and it’s really fun with those kids, somebody pulls your tie, somebody pulls your moustache, it’s real fun out there, so in a way you are privileged. Please allow them to grow and develop the way they are. I always believe what they are taught and learn from nursery to class two is what actually transforms their journey forward. So if you inculcate the curiosity, the desire to learn more, the ability to question the teacher as much as possible, they will go a long way. I have heard lots of good things about IPPTA and the professionalism they impart to their students, so I am confident of you doing amazingly well in future, now sky is the limit for you.             


For the passing out students it is a moment to cherish, while also being an occasion to reminisce the pleasant and wonderful time spent with the classmates and faculty. Each one of these will now go about with their careers, while being able to mould and lay a solid foundation for innocent kids to transform into erudite individuals, as they grow up.For us at IPPTA each passing batch gives tremendous feeling of fulfillment for having empowered women and given them a direction and sense of purpose in their otherwise mundane lives, says an elated Mrs Sonal Ravi Andrews


The audience comprising of thenear and dear of passing out candidates, students and guests and teachers from prominent schools in the city, cheered them and made the occasion lively and memorable. As part of theelaborate convocation ceremony,each student marched through the aisle with their mentor to receive the Diploma Certificate.All the passing out candidates are placed and already working in reputed schools like Glendale, Oakridge, Shir Ram Universal School, Gowtham Model School, Chirec, Global Edge, Kalpa, Phoenix Greens, Kangaroo kids, Eurokids, Meridian etc.


Our mission at IPPTA is to develop passionate candidates with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for children, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We lay stress on total development of each aspirant: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and behavioral. We want to create a generation of pre-school teachers, who would guide the nation’s future, says Dr Ravi AndrewsMy advice to all those passing out today is, the key to success is to have focus and dedication to what you want to accomplish, thats what will take you to the target in your life.