Online Casino Industry: The Freshest Data

casino industry

We all know that online gambling is more popular than ever before and all related numbers have been increasing for decades. But, what are actual data that we all like and want to see? Well, this is going to be our main mission and we will cover the topic completely in the article you are reading right now.

Most popular gambling types

What are the most common and most popular gambling games? Below we have listed the latest data regarding the games most gamblers play. This is expressed in percentage and it refers to the revenue of the total gambling industry.

Online sport betting 50%

Online sports betting is still the most common form of gambling. It has the biggest revenue in the gambling industry with 50%. This is possible due to the fact most gamblers like sports and they obviously like to gamble. When we mix the two, we get an obvious fact, sports betting.

Casino games 26%

Casino games are known to be more and more popular as we speak. At the moment, over 26% of the gambling industry is based on online casino games. The most popular type of the game is slots and they are the most versatile. For example, an average online casino from this list of new online casino sites 2020 – prepared by HEX will have thousands of slots that present 70% of the total game count at that casino.

Poker 6%

Poker is still the most popular table game. Today, the gambling industry consists of 6% of poker. The most popular version of poker is Texas Holdem, but other variations are close behind.

Bingo 4%

Bingo is a popular game and commonly found in all online casinos. It contributes to the overall casino industry revenue of 4%. This number will remain unchanged in the future as well.

Lottery 9%

A lottery is popular choice of many gamblers, especially female gamblers.

Other games 5%

All other games such as scratchcards, keno, craps and so much more make 5% revenue of the industry in question.

The most commonly used devices for online gambling

Most gamblers still use a laptop in order to visit the site and play a game. Around 55 of gamblers use this device. PC and desktop computers, in general, are close behind with 34% gamblers using the. Then we have smartphones that are used by 29% of gamblers. Tablets are used as well and around 21% of gamblers use them.

However, keep in mind that more and more gamblers use smartphones for gambling. This fact is increasing as we speak and each year it measures a steady incline of 75%.

Revenue of the online gambling industry

Once again we can see that the revenue is raising and increasing each year. For instance, in 2018 the revenue of the industry was $40.7 billion. In 2018 the revenue was $45 billion. In 2019 it was $50 billion. By 2020 the overall revenue of the online gambling industry will reach around $60 billion.

The numbers are growing exponentially and mobile casinos are following the trend. In 2017 the revenue of mobile online casinos was $51.5 billion. In 2019 it is $60 billion. Yes, this trend will continue to rise and the main reasons for that are more online establishments that offer more and fresh mobile games.

Age of gamblers

The most common gambler type is aged between 25 and 34 years. These gamblers make 25% of the gambling community. The situation is the same in all parts of the globe. Gamblers aged 35-44 make 23% of the community while people aged between 45 and 54 make 20%. Young gamblers are increasing their number as well. 12% of the gamblers are aged 16-24. Seniors or people aged 65 and above make 12% of the gambling community.

In a nutshell, over 26% of the world population gambles at some point. This isn’t the most accurate number, but we know that the value is increasing and will probably continue to rise in the future due to more appealing online casinos, easier gambling and better, higher prizes. You can find more information here.

The final word

The global online gambling market has a value of over $60 billion at the moment. There are over 5 billion gamblers at any given moment. Of course the biggest part is frequent gamblers while another part is occasional gamblers. This trend will continue to rise indefinitely.