Oye! Rickshaw does close to 5 lakh rides in December 2020, surpasses pre-COVID numbers

Oye! Rickshaw,

New Delhi: Oye! Rickshaw, the largest e-rickshaw operator in the country, has surpassed a significant milestone of approximately 5,00,000 rides in December 2020, crossing the pre-covid number of monthly rides. The company also reached another key milestone of 6 million rides since inception in 2017. This also makes Oye! Rickshaw, one of the fastest growing EV based mobility players in the country.

Oye! Rickshaw, with the vision of providing mobility to the real Bharat, aims to provide first/last mile connectivity through its e-rickshaws. 35% of all its rides either start or end at a metro station, thus helping commuters to access MRTS in a quick, easy and affordable manner.

The company started its delivery business in April last year to supplement driver incomes during the lockdown period. The business grew to about 4,00,000 deliveries in December, increasing the average driver income by almost 30%. The timely addition of the delivery service helped in maintaining and supplementing driver earnings, helping them to stay in Delhi through the lockdown. In fact, Oye! Rickshaw saw maximum driver enrollments between June and September.

“EVs are the future of mobility and the fastest adoption will happen through fleets. Rickshaws are going to be the preferred choice of commute in India across all strata of society. So Oye! Rickshaw represents the future of the Indian commute sector. Our focus is simple, give every Indian a reliable, affordable and safe commute option,” said Mr. Mohit Sharma, Founder, Oye! Rickshaw.

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