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Parimatch News Teleports 6 Winners to the IPL Finals

Parimatch News Teleports 6 Winners to the IPL Finals1

New Delhi – Sports media platform, Parimatch News, with support of PMI – a service company engaged in the development and implementation of the expansion strategy for the Parimatch brand, organized a teleport quiz for the IPL finals which culminated successfully with hundreds of thousands of fans engaging in the initiative. The contest promised an opportunity for the six winners to fly to UAE to witness the finals of the tournament live.

The whole process of choosing the winners was transparent and unbiased and was exhibited on the @parimatchnews Instagram page (the selection record is still available on the social media portal). After the first round, the company representatives could not get through to all the winners and thus re-selected new ones. The brand retraced the list and decided to call not five but six participants. Therefore, with all responsibility, the company, with help of PMI, now intends to fulfill one more dream.

Being a part of the audience on Emirati lands, the six winners will enjoy the league on-ground while renowned players from across the world come forward to put their best foot ahead. The winners will get a chance to witness and cheer these players in the playoffs and the grand finale of the tournament.

Commenting on the contest’s success and increasing engagement, Dmitry Belianin, PMI Chief Marketing Officer said, “We were delighted to see an intensified response for the contest as cricket fans all over India participated and helped us expand our reach to the whole country. We look forward to engaging more with the Indian audience in the coming times as well with an intent to cater to them with the best of our abilities.”

The contest empowered cricket fanatics to get their due traction and make it to the spotlight while also increasing their engagement on PMI. The brand is relentlessly working on reaching out to more and more sports buffs by the day and enhancing its platform to cater to their burgeoning expectations.

*Please note that the main prize could be changed due to COVID-19 uncertainty*

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