Paytm Insider brings Apex by Spryk to Hyderabad

APEX by Spryk aka Tejas Nair

Hyderabad, 07 Apr, 2021: APEX by Spryk aka Tejas Nair is a special commission that debuted and received massive recognition at Magnetic Fields Festival 2019. The show spanning from basic to sophisticated products of sound design is now out for a country-wide tour.

The event will take place at Tabula Rasa, Hyderabad on April 11, 2021, at 9pm. Tickets starting at Rs 299/- are available on Paytm Insider.

The show will feature Hitesh as the opening act. For this unique concert, Spryk will be using electronic music as a storytelling tool along with generative visuals by Cursorama, cutting-edge lighting design by Naveen Deshpande, and a unique stage set up as his canvas. APEX premiered online for the first time in August 2020.

Mumbai-based Tejas Nair’s brainchild Spryk has experimented with and propagated Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality elements in music over the past few years. It stands tall at the forefront of Indian artists exploring performance practices that make use of new media, augmented virtual spaces and technological innovations.

Speaking of the show, Tejas said, “”The concept of APEX began with a soundtrack and the concept of humanity’s constant pursuit of the ‘apex’ in science and technology. The idea was to reflect how, in an incredibly short period of time on this planet human beings have gone from being Neanderthals to discussing space colonization.” He further adds, “Hyderabad is definitely one of my favorite cities to perform in & Tabula Rasa always feels like home for the kind of shows I put on.The crowd is always eager for new experiences and has great energy. The entire team behind Apex is really looking forward to this show.”

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, APEX was set to go on tour, visiting venues and festivals. But with COVID-19 and all the restrictions that the lockdown imposed, the schedule had to be changed.

When the show took place in Delhi with an attendance of about 200 off fans, safety was given utmost importance and COVID-19 guidelines were strictly followed. With the upcoming show, all the safety guidelines suggested by the government are imposed on the venues. To ensure a safe and memorable event, sanitisation, social distancing, and masks are made mandatory.

Speaking on the partnership, Varun Khare – Business Head, Live Entertainment (IPs & Partnerships) at Paytm Insider said, “We’re really excited to work on the Apex Tour with Spryk. This is the first time this performance has come back since it headlined one of the stages at Mag Fields in 2019. We love the idea of using electronic music as a tool for storytelling & look forward to sharing Spryk’s story with his audiences.”

Spryk is the electronic music & art exploration of Mumbai-based Tejas Nair. It includes

immersive art installations, breathtaking Audio Visual Live performances, ambisonic sound

for VR & video games, as well as club-ready releases. Spryk’s work is a classic case of electronic exploration that makes use of available technology. At the core, Spryk as a project and Tejas as a musician, DJ, curator, and interdisciplinary artist focus on provoking a greater understanding of thought, action & interaction.

Tickets for the concert are available on

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