Be persistent, listen to your instincts and choose to act, things will happen! True Story of Mr. Love Taneja Founder of Zody Sandwich Chandigarh!

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Entrepreneurship is not just about leaving your 9 to 5 job, being in limelight for page-3 success stories and being your own boss. Rather it requires your sweat and blood. On daily basis, we hear success stories of many young entrepreneurs who leave their comfort path and pave their own road to success and fame. Sometimes things just happen as they decide, while sometimes their patience and persistence are tested to an extent that where only strong-willed survive.

Today we’ll talk about Mr. Love Taneja, Founder of Zody Sandwich, a 27-year-old young entrepreneur, who took his passion and experience of catering to a whole new level, from where there’s no looking back.

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Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

  • Mr. Taneja, what is your success mantra?

When no one trusts you, don’t stop trusting yourself.

How did you decide to enter the business of catering?

I was a very naughty kid at school and my life was just like any other kid. But one day, my life became upside down as we got the news that my father went missing and entering my father’s business at the age of 17 was a choice I had to make to take my family out of the crisis. My father has been missing for last 11 years. My father had a catering business that was well known in the tricity, but things weren’t the same after him. Market share was reduced to 10% of what he actually had and then due to some difference with my father’s manager I decided to take things in my hand and steer my family out of the crisis.

  • How did the concept of eating as you travel came in your mind?

Well, as you say necessity is the mother of invention. In my struggling days, I didn’t own a vehicle due to financial crunch and used to travel by cab to deliver sandwiches. Once I was traveling by cab and was very hungry. I asked my cab driver to stop so that I could eat something and he denied. That was the time I thought that why not introduce eat as you travel as a concept.

  •  So how was your initial journey like?

I was a part of the fraternity which was dominated by men who were far more mature and senior than me. I was always treated as an underdog due to my young age. So I decided to take one step further and start my own tent business. Due to lack of finances, I used to drive a truck that my father owned. I drove that truck for 4 years and used to work along with my employees. But as destiny had something else planned for me, I started my own catering firm as I wanted to prove my credibility in spite of my young age.

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  • What would you say was the biggest milestone you achieved?

On Sep-2014, I got my first tender. There we used to serve 250 persons daily with all the meals. Soon after I took in charge there was a function where I had to cater to 800 guests and again the question was same. Will I able to manage it being so young? But you might be surprised to know that the function really went off well. They personally called me and appreciated me for the work I did. I really got love and respect there. But it didn’t last long as my partner did a financial fraud with me and I had a huge loss of 60-70 lacs.

  • How did you take yourself out from such adversity?

I was at home for around 8 months but then I realized that I need to move forward in life. I sold off the cutlery I owned and went to Mumbai. There I stayed with a friend for few days and then decided to move back to Chandigarh again. That was the time I thought of gathering the ashes and rise again as a phoenix and launch my own sandwich brand.

  • So, was it then Zody sandwiches was conceptualized?

Yes, that was the time I started and conceptualized the idea of a sandwich brand with an old friend. But with the passage of time due to conceptual differences, we decided to part our ways. But I would say life was kind to me that I met a friend who suggested me the new brand name- Zody sandwich. Thereafter, there was no looking back and we made a recorded delivery of 25,000 sandwiches in one single day in Chandigarh only.

  • Anything you would like to suggest to young entrepreneurs?

Follow your passion, be persistent and never lose hope. Success comes only to those who DON’T STOP TRYING.

This was our conversation with Mr. Love Taneja. Currently, Zody Sandwich has a tie-up with 500 cabs in tricity and still counting. Zody Sandwiches are also available in many milk booths. Every time we meet a young budding entrepreneur or an inspiration soul we try our best to bring forth their experiences and story of their journey so that our reader can benefit in some way. 

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