Post Budget Reaction | Mr Ratish Pandey, Business Coach, Ethique Advisory | MSME & Startup Sector

 Mr. Ratish Pandey, Business Coach, Ethique Advisory.

“Everyone was hoping for the next step on the Credit Guarantee Scheme, and it’s good to see that the Hon’ble FM lived up to the promise.

As a keen proponent in the learning space, I was delighted with the focus on skill development proposed by the budget and opening up access to entrepreneurship schemes.

Finally, I believe the focus on bringing artisans into a formal business space under the PM Vikas Scheme and encouraging Women’s entrepreneurial spirit is a step in the right direction.”


“The budget should enthuse the start-up sector. While an extension of tax reliefs etc., by a year was expected, the carry forward of losses from 7 to 10 years is a boon. It shows that the government recognises that the last few years have been tough on the start-up sector.

With funding continuing to be a challenge in the short-term, the increase in carry forwarding of losses from 7 to 10 years is a much-welcomed step.

Focus on Agriculture will fire activity in the Agri-tech start-up space, another welcome step.

Another exciting part of the budget is the policy on data governance and the possibilities”