Rahul Shah Takes Over as the CEO of Sumer Group


Sumer Group announced today that it has appointed Mr. Rahul Shah, grandson of the founder, as the new CEO. In his new role, Mr. Rahul Shah will be responsible for all real estate developments of the group and will continue to work towards the exponential growth of the firm which is based in Mumbai.

Previously, Mr. Rahul Shah was a Partner in Sumer Group. He brings to his new position an extensive knowledge of real estate. His results-oriented approach and ability to think strategically have played a pivotal role in extending Sumer Group’s ability to provide excellence to their customers.

Talking about this appointment, Mr. Ramesh Shah, Managing Partner, said, “Rahul has been an integral part of Sumer Group for over a decade. During his tenure, he has been the driving force behind some of our iconic structures in and around the city. Besides, he has been majorly responsible for building strategies, streamlining processes and professionalizing the entire group. As Sumer Group encompasses a large number of talented employees, I know their passion for greatness will only grow stronger under Rahul’s leadership. I’m confident that with 30 million square feet of development under our belt, he will help us achieve our goal of further developing 10 million square feet and more.”

Taking over the role of CEO, Mr. Rahul Shah said, “The opportunity that lies ahead for Sumer Group is enormous and I’m excited to lead the next chapter of the group. My endeavor would be to lead the company according to my grandfather’s motto: Always deliver what you promise.”

An alumnus of S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mr. Rahul Shah holds a Diploma in Management. His experience and aptitude for the real estate business make him the ideal choice for the future, which in his words, is here.

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