Reasons Why Ignoring Small Health Problems Could Be Costlier Than the Money and Time Saved

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Ever seen anyone you’ve known for decades suddenly frequenting doctors, something they never did years ago? People developing complicated health issues in the later part of their lives have been a common occurrence in our country. The reason behind this earlier could have been the unavailability of professional consultation or doctors. But since the availability has improved the only reason now would be ignorance.

Regular health checks should be part of your annual schedule much like anything else. It will not only help you avoid major disease but also detect and treat complicated health issues early. Healthy lifestyle and choices are on one side, but even the best of medical professionals often struggle to avoid illness.

Few of the common yet dangerous small health problems

  • Common cold: This is one such health problem which we all ignore and take over the counter medicines to deal with the common cold or cough syndromes. But this common disease can turn into chronic pneumonia, bronchitis, or chest diseases and even deadly diseases like T.B or asthma without proper precaution from the beginning.
  • Gastroenterological Diseases: We Indians don’t eat to live but we live to eat,and that is why due to overeating we certainly develop stomach related health problems. But we are also well efficient in ignoring those symptoms of gastro-related problems which might turn into chronic liver diseases, pancreatitis, ALD, ulcers which can turn into cancer easily. There are innumerable cases of liver and pancreatic cancer which kill people daily. In most of the cases, it is the utter negligence of the patient and family members,and when diagnosed with severe problems like cancer or something chronic, there is a huge monetary expense involved to treat,and only a few lucky people survive.
  • Bone diseases/Joint Pains: You must have seen your grandma or mom saying that they have heavy pain in their joints during the lunar eclipse or similar days. In most of the household, local medicines are used to get rid of this pain,and there are even people who use Ayurvedic for helping them in this kind of pain. But the underlying causes of this pain can be many like rheumatoid arthritis or bone cancer which are some of the rarest diseases but can take lives in few months and delay in the diagnosis means more life risk and increasing treatment cost.
  • Genealogical issues:In recent times, it has been observed that most of the girls, women are diagnosed with ovarian or breast cancers at very early ages like in the 20s. Though the causes are many like stresses, unhealthy lifestyle etc. But one main reason is that they don’t even care about their body,nor they are aware of the facts.

How can you take precaution against these health problems?

Everyday there are few new diseases which are enlisted by the scientists across the globe,and there are new medicines and treatments which are developed as well. But the first step to a healthy life is precaution which starts with regular health checkups or preventive health care. Preventive health care involves few mandatory and common tests and health examinations to understand whether the body is functioning correctly or not. Most of the time, patients are unaware of the fact that they have some problem and suddenly they got to know that they either have cancer or TB or any chronic disease for that matter. So, self-examination and regular health checkups can help in the diagnosis of health problems at an early stage so that they can be treatedeasily, and huge expenses can be avoided.

Preparation to deal the worse

With age, the human body is bound to have certain diseases, some of them are hereditary,and others are self-made like ALD or cancer due to smoking or liver disease. Since treatment for these chronic diseases is expensive and most of the time wipes out all the savings of a family, it is always better to buy health insurance for certain deadly diseases like cancer insurance for any cancer, general health insurance covering different health problems and their treatment cost. Even after preventive health care, there are certain diseases which occur without any notice and waste all the savings of a family and financially ruin the family in one word. But with little planning and insurance protection plans, the patient, as well as his or her family, can be saved from the trauma with little ease.