Resil Chemicals Wins Prestigious National Award- 2016 by TDB


Resil ChemicalsResil Chemicals won a prestigious National Award from the Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, for the successful commercialization of an indigenous technology, N9 Pure SilverTM. The Honourable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee presented this award, which includes a cash prize of Rs.10 lakhs and a trophy to Mr. M S Vijayan, Joint Managing Director, Resil Chemicals on Technology Day, 11 May 2016, at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Mr. M S Mohan, Managing Director and Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan, Executive Director – Innovation were also part of the felicitation ceremony. Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Honorable Union Minister for Science and Technology and Shri Y S Chowdary, Honourable Minister of State for Science and Technology were present at the event.

Technology Day is celebrated as a symbol of a quest for scientific inquiry, technological creativity and the translation of that quest in the integration of Science, Society, and Industry. This day is also celebrated to honour technological innovations and their successful commercialization, which makes fruits of research reach people at large.

This award recognizes excellence in collaboration, indigenous technology development, and commercialization.

N9 Pure SilverTM was featured on the BBC

N9 Pure Silver™ was featured on BBC Horizons, the flagship science and technology program airing on BBC World News. It was also featured on allied channels across the world.

About the technology and product N9 Pure SilverTM

N9 Pure SilverTM is an antibacterial and hygiene finish applied on fabrics or garments. It is a revolutionary particulate Silver-based technology that, on contact, neutralizes odour causing bacteria, keeping textiles fresher for longer. This breakthrough technology delivers outstanding odour control performance, combined with impeccable environmental credentials and safety profile.

N9 Pure Silver™, a globally patented technology, consists of pure metallic silver in ultra-pure deionized water. The actual silver loading in each gram of N9 Pure Silver™ is incredibly low.

However, the configuration of the individual N9 Pure Silver™ particles makes them highly effective at neutralizing bacteria and other microbes even with this low silver loading.

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