Rollr launches a Unified IoT platform for People and Cars on the Move


Rollr Makes the Case for Safe and Connected Driving With the Launch of Connected Car Device ‘Rollr Mini’ and Their Two Apps ‘Rollr’ and ‘Dock N Roll’

Rollr ( is an IoT and Telematics platform launched by MI-XLAB (Motherson Invenzen XLab Pvt Ltd). MI-XLAB builds Telematics Hardware and Applications and its Rollr platform is aimed at being a ubiquitous platform for connecting everything that is moving on the roads. The company has multiple hardware and apps focused in this segment – including a Connected Car Infotainment Device with in-built 4G/3G connectivity which is under development.

At the centre of their platform is the Rollr App (available for download from Play Store & App Store) which tracks all the app’s connections (which are referred to as Rolls) in one place.

The Rollr Mini Connected Car Device is available for an affordable price only in India initially.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Saran Saini, Co-founder and COO of Rollr said, “Rollr Team’s core experience is Automotive Grade Hardware and Software aimed at OEMs. The move behind releasing the Apps and the Rollr Mini OBD device is aimed at making the connected car technology more accessible to our customers.”

On the product aspect, Mr. Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO of Rollr, elaborated about Rollr Product Portfolio – which consists of the following 3 products as of today.

1. Rollr Mini Connected Car Device – This is a plug-n-play device which easily plugs into the OBD-port of the car. Once activated, the Rollr Mini sends Live Tracking, Alerts and Car Health updates to the user via the Rollr App. With the launch of this device, the company aims to connect users with their cars – the same way they are connected with their friends. ‘Less worries for your Car’ – is the company motto for this device as enhanced security of user’s cars is a core feature.

The device can be ordered from company’s website and shipping is set to start next month.

2. Dock n Roll App – The app is meant at promoting safe usage of the phone in the car. The app provides a driving mode interface and allows the user to perform usual tasks of taking calls, listening to music or quickly starting navigation with a distraction-free user experience. What sets apart the Dock n Roll App though is, its connected car features. The user is able to share her location or even a live Dash Cam view with her contacts with just few touches. The app also generates trip logs when it is running.

3. The Rollr App – This is the core app where all the end points i.e. the Rollr Mini, the Dock n Roll or other people’s Rollr App can be connected. The app is primarily used for people-to-people location tracking and has good privacy control features with time-based location sharing. For users who also own cars, the app can be used to connect with their Rollr Mini devices.

The company is also engaged with several fleet operators for customized fleet management solution based on the Rollr Mini Hardware and Rollr Software platform.

Rollr Mini Device:

Dock n Roll App:

Rollr App:

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