Shopping is Incomplete without ‘Made in China’ Products?

Made in China

In India most of the goods and services are mentioned as ‘Made in China’. Go to any market no matter in any state, pick up any product you’d like to purchase, one thing is sure that you’ll come across products carrying tag “Made in China”.

The article is not based on any official facts and figures, but upon the personal experience only. The markets in India are filled with products from China. It amaze most that the country – China, which is considered as a threat to India, is also successful selling its products in India.

The ‘Made in China’ products in the market having million of business in India and those are benefit the traders and businessmen in China. And ultimately, we are supporting a neighbor country, that can wage war against us, simply by purchasing products.

Some media reports quote that made-in-china products too become part and parcel of our life during festivals. Take the example of recently celebrated Diwali in India, lots of crackers made in China were used.

 There are plenty of child toys, plastic toy, baby products available with clear tag of made in China. Buyer might think to say no to such products, who cares.

There should be some mechanism to check the huge sale of ‘made in China’ products in India for the national interest.

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