The Fascinating Science of Essay Writing

Closeup of woman's hand writing on paper over wooden table
Closeup of woman's hand writing on paper over wooden table

Writing an essay paper is a matter of concern for students and other writers who want to initiate an attractive writing process. There is no better way to deal with an essay paper than to be better at writing. 

The way of writing an essay paper is still a secret for millions of students. When it comes to writing, many people feel the heat of it. 

Writing is a skill that is developed with your thought process and knowledge. You cannot just start writing well with a few practices, but it is a long-term process that depends on extensive practice and thinking abilities.

However, the essay writing process is not rocket science which lets you stay awake at night. But you will need to follow some instances and proper tactics to break the secrets of writing a good essay. There is no secret that you can understand the particular steps and procedures of writing an essay.

Here we will focus on the things that will help you prepare a good essay paper without difficulty. If you think you can complete the paper in any way, this concept is wrong. You might be in a great dilemma without preparing to complete an essay paper.

The Secret Behind A Good Essay

Inheriting essay writing talent is cumbersome as it follows originality and rational preparation. So, to prepare your essay paper, you will need to consider various instances of writing, including the subject matter and its relevance to your discussion. 

Becoming a creative writer is still possible at your age. Creative writing comes with a creative mindset, and when you need to complete a whole essay paper, you will need to ensure the fact that you have initiated enough writing abilities and thoughts into it. 

In this modern world, the competition is high, and you will not be able to escape from it until you follow strict steps and procedures. 

Only a creative writer can make a difference in writing than a hundred other writers. 

Let’s follow these tips to ensure that you know the secrets of essay writing.


Planning is the first instance of writing a good essay paper. When you do not have any proper plan, you will not be able to complete the whole paper. 

We have seen many writers feel confused due to their lack of planning. The moment you get the instructions to write the essay and acknowledge the subject matter, make sure that you have initiated a plan in your mind or on the paper. 

Without planning the discussion, word count, and things that you want to cover, you should not start writing. 

Well, one of the foremost secrets of essay writing is to plan and prepare more than writing. But this is not how people go for an essay. They focus on writing from the first instance and create confusion within them later. 


When you are able to structure the whole paper, you are already halfway to completing a good paper. Things will get easier when you can initiate a better understanding of the structure of the topic. 

Structuring your essay paper deals with the outlining process. It’s better to outline your essay paper even before you start writing. 

Well, what are the benefits you will get with an advanced structuring process?

  • You will be able to write quickly as the plan is set and the heading is ready. 
  • You will not need to be stuck after completing one part.
  • You can better think and initiate the ending of each paragraph as you know what is next there to write.

Research On The Subject Matter

Researching the subject matter is probably the most important part of any essay writing. When you get the topic in your hands with instructions, it’s time to research the topic and get a better title for your essay. 

Going for a vague topic might not be a wise option. When you can start writing with the particular topic given, but if you narrow it down with comprehensive research, it will help you to initiate an in-depth analysis of the subject matter. 

This is a trick to be in the good eyes of the instructors. But without extensive research, it is not possible to provide a good discussion or explanation, or analysis of the topic. 

Use Important And Relevant Quotes

Quotes are important to fill the word count and also to grab the attention of the readers. But you cannot include random quotes from the internet but need to go for proper research on the subject matter. 

Proper research will help you go through various pre-existing books and journals. There you will find relevant content and appropriate quotes that you can use in your writing process. 

Apart from that, you will also be able to deal with the difficulties of completing the paper with enough word count. Sometimes in some uncommon research areas, it becomes cumbersome for the writers to write more than enough to just meet the required word count. 

But you can simply use relevant quotes to access better writing processes and meet the dedicated word count. 

If you are still confused about the quotes, you can see the sample paper by considering IvoryResearch services

Be A Creative Person

Being creative is always a better option for a writer. In fact, there is no better exception than being a thinker and creative worker in the writing profession. 

So, it’s time to concentrate on your writing skills and make sure that you are getting creative day by day. The more you can include your troughs and creative writing process, the better it will be for you to assess an attractive essay paper. 

Don’t Go For Fluff Writing

We have delivered you a trick to increase your word count using quotes. But people use fluff sentences to cover their word counts. This is not how you can get a better review on your written essay. 

Especially when you go for academic writing, you will not be able to include any fluff sentences, and that will be written in the instructions.

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