The WorldGrad: This Startup is helping Indian Students Study Abroad Post Corona

Abhinav Mital - Co-Founder- The WorldGrad

The WorldGrad, an edu-tech start-up has launched a hybrid education model to give digital identity to international universities and students. They have partnered with top-ranked institutions in Australia, UK, and Dubai to deliver a hybrid learning program designed for Indian students with a global ambition. The model allows students seeking undergraduate courses abroad to take part of their program online from home before progressing to the overseas campus to complete the remainder of their studies. Similarly, their model for postgraduate courses abroad allows students to complete their Pre-Masters Program online to become eligible for the Masters course at the University. Students have the option to progress to 10 top-ranked universities across Australia and UK via The WorldGrad.

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This model of “starting your education online before progressing overseas” saves students and their parents a lot of money. Typically, an education abroad, taking into account tuition fees and living expenses, easily costs around INR 25 lacs per year. With The WorldGrad’s hybrid learning program families can save INR 10 lacs of the first year right off the bat. The savings when added to the uncertainty of when students will be able to actually travel abroad makes this a strong alternative to a lot of parents looking to give a head start to their children’s overseas degree goals. From an education standpoint, students are better prepared for success and more confident as they step into the overseas university having already completed part of the program.

The WorldGrad programs are developed in partnership with overseas institutions and designed using international curriculum standards and latest learning design and analytics technology. Students learn from experienced international educators supported by local teachers to create a stimulating yet familiar learning environment for the students. Additionally, The WorldGrad boasts of an award-winning personalized support program designed to maximize student success and satisfaction. Students have 1-1 access to highly qualified and experienced tutors 7 days of the week to personalize learning and suit their study styles. and a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline their study schedule

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Abhinav Mital - the worldgrad

Talking more about the platform, Abhinav Mital, Co-founder of The WorldGrad said, “The advent of ed-tech has empowered students, institutions as well as parents and has made them active participants in their education during Covid-19. India’s ed-tech universe is growing rapidly, and our platform is creating an ecosystem and gateway to affordable global education, an offline and online experience that gives ample choice to students to safely pursue education abroad”. In the times, when technology has pushed students to the confines of their computer desk, The WorldGrad aims to bring back the nuances of campus education back on the table.

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