Time for 100% Integrity in Recruitment Process: Hirect App announces its updated policies safeguarding recruitment fraternity’s privacy

Bengaluru, 11th January, 2022: Hirect understands how data privacy is imperative for organizations, as it provides them with both security and peace of mind. Hirect values privacy and highly protects its customers’ personal information. The app utilizes customer data fairly and legally to protect their privacy. For start-ups and decision-makers, it offers 100% protection against spam calls from irrelevant profiles. With enterprises ramping up their workforce, it becomes increasingly critical to safeguard and protect their recruitment-related data and prevent candidates from falling victim to recruitment scams. It is also vital for such organizations to recognize fraud from several angles using data-intensive tools. The Hirect platform eliminates this challenge from the start.

Raj Das, Global Co-Founder & India CEO, Hirect, said, “Privacy of the user data is not an option, rather a mandatory protocol for us. Data security is not something that is premium but a vital aspect of the digital platform. We, at Hirect, ensure absolutely no compromise on data privacy, for our users. Data privacy is one of our main pillars, ensuring no scams and spamming.”

Information provided by the founders and candidates during the registration process is kept confidential and is not shared with third parties- consultants. Documents and data collected during registration are used solely for verification purposes and due diligence checks. Founders can also interview candidates directly using Hirect’s platform without switching to another platform or divulging any personal information. Therefore, Hirect’s AI algorithm and application offer greatly enhanced security and integrity to the recruitment and hiring process.

About Hirect:

Breaking the barriers of the conventional hiring process, Hirect is a mobile-first chat-based direct recruiting platform where the high-growth start-up founders can connect directly with their relevant talent pool. Hirect helps the startup founders and entrepreneurs to connect directly with the active jobseekers and candidates by eliminating any third-party recruitment vendors or consultants.

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