Tips to Get More Reviews on Amazon

customer reviews on amazon

Reviews can build or demount a seller’s reputation on Amazon.  Most of the customers purchase an item on Amazon only after checking out the reviews and feedback left by the previous customers. Although product reviews play a crucial role in influencing consumer decisions and Amazon sellers value them a lot, it gets pretty challenging to get reviews on Amazon.

If you are thinking of launching a new product on Amazon this year, then it’s important to learn how you can get genuine reviews- quickly.

To help sellers come up with a proper strategy to get reviews on Amazon, here are the top five ways to generate product reviews and make your products stand out!

1. Provide the best customer service

You can’t ask for reviews until you satisfy them with your service. Customer service can help in turning a one-time customer into a loyal one. Each interaction that you have with your buyer is a chance for you to build a positive perception of your brand. Whether they contact you to learn more about your product or to get delivery updates, make sure to use that opportunity and be available for them.

Customers are more likely to post a good Amazon review if you provide excellent customer service. Here’s when you should ask them to leave a review:

  • Customers are often pleased when you succeed in resolving their issues or concerns. It’s a perfect moment to ask for a review when they’re in that happy frame of mind.
  • Even if a buyer returns a purchase, you can ask them to still leave a review- especially if they haven’t returned your product due to its poor quality. They can speak for your team’s efficiency in responding back and handling their issue in the review.

If a customer comes in with a problem, the first thing he notices is how fast you respond back and your tone. Make sure to hire a customer service team that is efficient enough to deal with all your customers’ queries.

2. Request them to leave a review via email

After your customers have completed the purchase, Amazon sends them a standard email, asking them to submit a review. However, many people overlook it.

It isn’t necessary for you to depend on the templated Amazon email, you can send your own personalized emails to the customers, asking them for a review. Mention the name of the buyer in the subject to make it more personal. Provide them with a direct link to your Amazon product page so they can easily leave a review.

Finally, explain why submitting a review can help you grow your business. You might want to mention how reviews help others find your product and the expansion of your business. Also let them know that you wish to improve their experience, which you can do after going through reviews. However, since Amazon doesn’t allow convincing buyers to leave a review, be careful as to how you want to do it.

3. Include a product insert with a review request

Insert an attractive thank you card in your product packaging that also asks customers to post reviews on your product page. Make use of vibrant colors and eye-catching photography while making product inserts. Thank them for purchasing your product and instruct them on how they can post a review on your page.

Also, make sure you are requesting only for a review and not for a positive one. Amazon forbids inserts that directly ask customers for five-star ratings or positive reviews. Try to dissuade unfavorable reviews by instructing customers to contact your helpline instead if they face any issues.

4. Use your social media accounts to ask for reviews

Many of your customers are among your social media followers, and they already adore your products- which is why they decided to follow you.

Make sure to keep them engaged by posting about your latest products, let them know that you are offering the best product prices (if you need help with it then sign up with an Amazon repricer to keep your product prices competitive 24/7), and post reviews left by your previous customers. Also, ask your social media followers to leave reviews on Amazon for items they’ve recently bought from you.

5. Attract customers with promotional discounts and attractive offers

First, promotional discounts and offers are the best way to expand your customer base and make your customers happy. When they get happy, they won’t mind leaving a positive review on your product page. You can’t directly ask your buyers to post a review in return for the discount you offered, but it can be a perfect promotion strategy to increase sales and get more customers to request reviews.

In conclusion,

Before asking for reviews, make sure you’ve made your customers happy enough. Offer competitive product prices by implementing the best Amazon repricing strategies, assist them during their purchase, and solve their issues as soon as possible. We hope the tips above will help you gain maximum reviews on Amazon. Good luck!

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