Trade Show SaaS App Dazzletoday goes into Public Beta

FOA Growthtech, a technology solutions company for growth minded businesses, today announced the public beta program launch of its flagship product Dazzletoday [@dazzletoday], a cloud-based app for Trade Show Exhibitors.

Dazzletoday is perhaps the world’s first truly verticalized SaaS solution that gives B2B marketers the ability to manage Trade Show participation seamlessly and with ease. B2B companies depend on Trade Shows to strengthen existing networks and build new ones.Dazzletoday

A recent Forrester report revealed that in 2015 Trade Shows and Conferences led B2B marketing budgets at 14% globally, even ahead of Digital Marketing; and in the experience of FOA Growthtech, for growth-minded companies, this can go up to as high as 40%.

Yet, most of their efforts and investment remain under-optimized, because of poor planning and pre-show communication and inadequate on-site engagement. Nearly70% Exhibitors don’t plan participation well, 90% don’t manage to do an effective pre-show campaign, and 80% leads are not followed up correctly after the Show.

This results in loss of precious opportunities and millions of marketing dollars in the USD 35 billion global Trade Show industry. Explains Ravi Kiran, Co-Founder and CEO, “It’s not as if technology solutions don’t exist, but Sales and Marketing folks are under too much pressure and are too time-starved to use multiple software and get them to work with each other to create meaningful value.

It’s possible in theory, but not in the real world. I have been in Marketing and Sales and I know where it hurts. This is where Dazzletoday comes in. We have followed a bottom up approach to building a practical and hard-working software.” Dazzletoday has many useful elements of several familiar types of apps – Contact Management, E-mail Marketing, Project Management, Marketing Asset Management, E-Mail Signature Management, Social Media Listening, Lead Capture and Lead Management, all rolled into one simple, seamless and practical work flow.

The product has been designed to be simple, and intuitive, requiring little user training, although web demos and webinars have been planned as part of the on-boarding process. A comprehensive knowledge base is available inside the product that answers any question the user may have.

In addition, the integrated chat feature connect users real time to our support agents for a minimum twelve hours a day. Commenting on the Technology philosophy Nrip Nihalani, Co-Founder and CTO, said “We are looking at verticalization of applied technology driving the next phase of software adoption. It delivers transformational benefits of user experience such as simplicity, seamlessness and singleminded focus on one problem at a time. Dazzletoday is ready for that world”.

Following a simple and flexible approach to pricing, Dazzletoday has been priced quite attractively during inaugural period.It is available for a starting plan of as low as USD 49 a month during beta for unlimited users. Extra e-mails and storage can be purchased as required, if the included quantity has been used up.

Many applets as well as the companion mobile app, to facilitate easy lead capture and automated e-mailing at the Booth, come free with each account during beta. What’s more, the product comes pre-loaded with over four dozen ready-to-use email templates and details of thousands of Trade Shows around the world, so the user can get started within minutes. Dazzletoday is now available in

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