Why FlexiLoans is best for Business Loan

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Choosing the right business loan provider is always a challenge. Should you know why FlexiLoans is the best to apply for a business loan? It is not just because we offer a collateral-free business loan, less documentation work, quick online process, and an optimum interest rate for loan amount up to one crore. But more than that. We are aware that we are walking on a tightrope and there is heavy competition to our business model. However, we are proud to stand different among the crowd. Yes, we are not boasting but would like to share our success story with you and you will certainly at the end feel that we are the best for giving you a business loan.

Awards and Accolades

We have been awarded the “Great place to work” by a reputed awarding institute. Therefore FlexiLoans continue to be the employer of choice by many candidates looking for jobs and our employees as well. This recognition is achieved by only us as a fin-tech lender in the country.

FlexiLoans has won the SuperStartUps Asia Award in 2019 in the Gold Category. We are the only Fintech lender to get this award and that motivates us to achieve more and distinguishes as well as further inspires to do more in the Smart Loans category and lending loans to the SME’s and MSME industries.

The Digital Lenders Association of India (DLAI) conferences 2019 have awarded FlexiLoans the impressive ‘WorkForce Diversity Award’ this award makes us the employer of choice by many diverse candidates.

Achievements and our unique approach 

We have collaborated with Amazon on the Seller Lending Marketplace and made it easy, simple and digital to take Business Loans. It has similar tie-ups with other e-commerce firms as well.

FlexiLoans with its great features has united with ITSL for getting access to unsecured working capital loans by the MSME industries.

FlexiLoans has another feather in its cap, by acquiring the firm Creditperiod.com, which is a supply chain financing platform. This has strengthened our supply chain financial vertical.

Also, we have partnered with Truecaller to make great customer experience for all the customers registering online. This has been our focus and strategy to consistently improve the user experience on all platforms including mobile. Truecaller’s aim to promote a connected and productive ecosystem by making use of the developer platforms has come to us and now we derive a great user experience across emerging markets for start-ups.

One of the highest downloaded apps in the business loan lending space is Flexiloans. Nearly more than 100,000 downloads have been registered by the Android Play store. We will soon be launching its presence in iOS application also. We give business loans without credit history by getting the credit score by alternate means thus giving an opportunity to serve in un-served segments as well. We are transforming the whole lending space and markets by its proprietary technology and solutions available such as eSign, UPI and eMandate.

Reasons behind our success

We primarily focus on Micro, Small and Medium industries. Being a Fintech Company we are aiming to grow the disbursement of the loans by 10 times this year. We have our loan disbursement as 10,000 loans in the fiscal year 2019-2020, wanting to grow to 100,000 this fiscal year 2019-2020.

In general, the conventional financial lending banks and firms are following 200 step processes. However, we have come up successfully with a digital outlook that is simple, easy and online presence has eased the process of analyzing the data points ranging from addresses, mobile numbers, bank statements, PAN numbers, location history an credit history among others.

We not only disburse loans through our websites but also have an alliance with e-commerce platforms and Point of Sale (POS) firms such as First Data and Pine Labs to lend business loans to the merchants working with these companies.  These firms have large amounts of data about their merchant’s clients on sales value and growth of sales and other data.

Know our Business model, average loan duration, interest rate, and ticket size

We operate in an On-Balance sheet lending platform. For the disbursal of loans to the SME’s and MSME industries, we use the debt (provided by various banks and large NBFC) and equity (got from individual investors). The main revenue is generated from this. For Example: If the raised debt is at 12% from a large bank and provided that money to lend to SME’s and MSME for 22% to 25% the difference of 10% to 13% is the revenue for us. The average loan tenure is 14 months and interest rates charged are 1.25% to 1.5% per month. INR 325,000 is the average loan disbursal.

Our presence and Expansion plans

FlexiLoans is a pan India lender. The loans of Rupees 500 Crores have been disbursed to SME’s and MSME industries so far. We operate in 700+ cities with an online presence and without having a single branch. As of now every month we receive applications from 75,000 SMEs across 1, 500 and more locations.

Which business sector can benefit the most from us

Primary customers are from

  • Electronics & Electricals
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Pharma & Healthcare

However, we are open to other business as well. Do not hesitate to submit your application with us.

How we differ from our competitors?

FlexiLoans overcomes the entire competition in the following aspects including Technology, Products & Partnerships.

  • Technology 

FlexiLoans have digital technology and risk scoring methods to find out the right customers. We use 20+ proprietary data science models and 5 patented algorithms across the loan life cycle. We employ image processing, digital extraction, scoring and credit analysis with the use of Deep Learning technology such as using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Being leaders in using the technology we deploy inventive technologies at each step of the loan processing life cycle.

  • Products

We have been pioneering in the introduction of the products to the SME’s and MSME industries loan life cycle.

  • Drop Line Credit Facility.
  • Invoice Financing,
  • Loans Against Card Receivables,
  • Pay Later (Channel Financing), and
  • Term Loans

With multiple-channels and multiple-products, we move towards making the most of the customer touchpoints & lifetime value to the customers.

  • Partnerships

We have partnered with large e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Pine Labs, FlipKarts, etc for developing distribution networks through well-built combination with huge digital platforms. We also have partnerships with large companies such as TVS, PI, and First Data. These give access to millions of SME customers of these companies.

The most important partnerships with channel partners are with big e-commerce players such as Amazon, Flipkart, and PayTM, etc. We have also acquired the creditperiod.com company which helps us in supply chain financing. We are the biggest business loan lending company on the e-commerce eco-systems and also in supply chain ecosystems.

We are the biggest fin-tech company and now fully digital through real-time decision-making capabilities and technology integrations. These frameworks give us distinct digital capabilities much ahead of our competitors.

Our prospective plan

 The plan for the next 5 years includes offering “Loans @ a Click” a standard in business loans lending and bring the turnaround time for the loan disbursal from 48 hours to 1 min. We already have the data science and other technology capabilities to achieve the above in the coming 5 years.

Do you need any other reason to confirm that we are the best? We suggest you to approach us and feel glad about your decision. Don’t wait and contact us immediately to expand your business.