WOX Energy Drinks unveil its First Energy Drink in India for the Perfect Summer Boost

 WOX Energy Drinks New Delhi, March 17, 2023: After carving a distinctive reputation across the globe, WOX, the world’s leading energy drink brand is set to unveil its first refreshing energy beverage in India, Classic Edition. The product is priced at Rs. 60 and will be available at the nearest mom-and-pop store.

With the hot summer months fast approaching, WOX energy drinks offer the perfect way to keep its customers cool and energized during the season. WOX is a brand by BCS Globals, a renowned player in the Food & Beverage segment, and is recognized for its highest quality standards across more than 10 countries.

Boasting a golden yellow color, the refreshing and instant energy drink Classic Black is a perfect beverage for parties, sports occasions, and outdoor adventures like tracking, swimming, cycling, and much more. The energy drink has been formulated adhering to stringent global regulations and offers international quality and taste.

” With the summer season just around the corner, we understand the importance of staying cool and energized, especially in India’s hot climate. Our unique blend of flavors and energy-boosting properties deliver the perfect solution for anyone looking for a blend of instant energy punch and a refreshing flavor. Whether you are partying, working out, or simply trying to stay rejuvenated, WOX Classic energy drinks have got you covered.” Said Ajay Arora, Chief Operating Officer (COO), of WOX Energy Drink

Team BCS global possesses an in-depth understanding of global Food & Beverage manufacturing technologies and has unveiled globally acclaimed energy drinks in its avant-garde manufacturing units. According to Team BCS Globals, the global energy drink market stands at $8 billion and is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 7 percent.