With high presence and competitive marketing, social media platforms often find themselves to be a fantastic hotspot for an abundance of wide-ranging casino games.

An avid and successful slot game connoisseur such as yourself will know that its not about the platform, but the spins, wins, and bonuses the games have to offer, and so if you want to find an enormous catalogue of slot and casino spin games you need not look far – visit Slotzo.

Even the most well known social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram host tonnes of spin games available, so if you’re looking for a new spin try dipping your toe in social media!

What is so Different About Social Media Spin Games?

Because of the high density and high even higher competition of casino games on social media, they offer players new and inventive ways of to earn, and this means the opportunity for big bucks is even larger!

High rollers, like you, know only too well that to snoop out a new deal is to hit the jackpot itself, so to help you along your path to success we have outlined why social media igaming is different:

  •         Heavy competition due to it being a free platform means that spin providers have to give away freebies and bonuses to reel the big fish in – but they have no idea what’s about to hit them when you come along!
  •         They frequently give away more than 10X free spins to new customers! An offer that cannot be refused to any knowing bettor, such as yourself
  •         More often than not, there are options to try the casino games for free, meaning you get to judge which spin is best for you and more importantly, you are in control
  •         If you do not like it, move to the next of of thousands of spin games on social media

How do I Access These Casino Games?

Accessing the games is simple, follow this instruction guide and you’ll be ripping off the slot machines and laughing for days in no time:

  1.       Sign into your social media account (for example Facebook)
  2.       Tap on the search bar and enter anything to do with slot games, you are the pro, you know the jargon
  3.       After pressing enter you will see page after page of online casino games and slot machines waiting for you to pull their leaver

It is important to remember that because of the heavy competition on social media for you to play, they will offer free spins. You can take advantage of this, decide on your favourite ones, or, like a true professional high roller, jump straight into your favourite and do what you do best…win!

How do you get paid?

Remember, winning on your favourite social media slot games is just like on your favourite casino sites, meaning that you get paid just the way you normally would.

All you have to do is enter your normal payment method and get spinning, pro!