Earning Money: Good or Bad?

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Money is an instrument that can be used for the good or for the bad of the people; it depends on the people who are using it, and for what they are using it. Now a days we hear lot of this stuff that money is bad, and most of us tend to think that, money degenerates people, and those who are wealthy are bad and have no ethical or moral values. But the fact is entirely different. Not all those who have money are bad, or have earned it by bad means, and not everyone who has no money is ethically or morally right.

As long as we allow money to be our servant it can do wonders to you and to others, it leads to development and progress of the individuals in many ways. But if we become its slave then it takes us for a ride. If we can associate aright cause for earning and accumulating money then there is no harm in accumulating money or earning it. Your aim should be to earn ethically and morally what you need to fulfill the needs of yourself and of those dependent on you. And the rest of the income you can spare for the development of the society or for spiritual causes.

This is the right way of earning and utilizing money. You can dream to be a Tata or Bill Gates, there is absolutely no harm and it is no bad because when you dream big, you not only do good and develop yourself but you take along with you so many others, on the same path. When money is the hands of a right person, it can do good to many others other than that person himself, he utilizes that money for the welfare of the people. When it is in the hands of a person with destructive thoughts, it can do equal harm to the people and to the society.

So, dream of earning money but by right means, dream of earning billions don’t just be satisfied with pennies, but with the thought of doing good to many others on the path. And when you achieve your dream, do your part to the society and the people around you. Because earning money with good thoughts and good intentions is good, and doing good with that money is the best way to utilize it.

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