Things to know about Decision Making

Every moment of our life we knowingly or unknowingly involve in decision making. Either for ourselves or for the ones we are concerned about. Decision making is a very important aspect of every one’s life.

When decisions are to be made, there are so many aspects that need to be considered. There are some kinds of decisions that are made on a yes or no basis, should I do this or should not. This involves contemplation, and a bit of struggle. For example the ones involving Morals, should I drink alcohol or should I not. ? What if I consume alcohol? These decisions need to be made by assessing the pros and cons, what if I do, or what if I don’t? What will be the end result where will it lead me to?

Then there are other kinds of decisions, where in you have lots of alternatives and choices. Do I need to buy a t. v or a mobile now, do I need it that badly, or do I have a necessity? Then once you come to a conclusion as to you need it or not. Once you make a decision that you need it, and then the rest of the process starts. What kind of thing do you want? What is your requirement? How much money can you spare? Should I choose the one the meets my needs or should I go for a one that is more advanced in features, or more luxurious? These are the questions that pop up now.

Then once you decide on as to what kind of thing you want, you need to look for the alternatives that are available within the parameters that you have set. For example I want a t. v, with such and such a features and within this price, the you need to study those alternatives as to which one suites you the best. Which one fulfills your requirements? And then you can go for it.

There are some kinds decisions, that are already made but you wait for the perfect timing and the right environment. For example you have decided to own a house, and you have decided on the budget, but you are just waiting for the one that meets your requirement. These are usually dependent on factors such as time, availability, price etc.

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