Role of commonmen in India’s Development

Most of us most of the time keep blaming the system and the politicians everything else but ourselves, for the lack of development, and for our position. The truth is that to some extent they are indeed responsible but, we as common citizens of India have a very important role to play, in the development of our nation.

If we take the example of the cricket, the game we all love so much. A team wins only when each and every player gives his best, and when everyone has a common goal that is to emerge as a winning team. A team does not win, only when the captain plays well, but the team has a lot many chances to win when the whole team plays well, even if the captain fails to do so. This is what is happening to our country now, all the time we are blaming the politicians or others except ourselves for the present kind of situation, forgetting the fact that, we are also a part of a the same system and we too have duties to fulfill.

When we exercise our fundamental duties, we have a right to question about our fundamental rights. When we each and every one of us, fulfills our duties towards ourselves, and towards our fellow citizens, we are going in the right track. But sadly even after so many years of independence, development and advancement. We have to be told to keep the toilets clean in the trains, we have to be told not to urinate on the road sides, we have to be told not to cut down the trees, we have to be told not to throw the waste on the roads and use dust bins, we have to be told to obey traffic rules and the list is endless.

When we are questioning the system and the others in the system, we are forgetting the fact that others too have a right to question us. Are we doing our part, are we acting as true humans and citizens? When we feel that this nation is ours, we are responsible for its progress and like a team, when all of us do our part, naturally we will develop and the nation will progress, even if the politicians or Govt. does not do their part, but if we fail to do our part as citizens, nation will not progress.

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