Kashmir Issue: Indo-Pak NSA Level Talks called off

Kashmir Issue: Indo-Pak NSA Level Talks called off

By Neel Achary: It is the same Kashmir issue again raised by the Pakistan to initiate peace talks between two countries. Interestingly, the issues was not raised when Pakistan Prime Minister met his counter part at Ufa meeting.

It was not a new thing that shadow the peace process which was about the kick off at NSA level, but the leaders of Pakistan apparently know the way to intervene the peace process by raise one more controversial ‘separatists topic’.

Kashmir and Separatists issues are the main topics for Pakistan to distance itself from the a dialogue that would make the country accountable to  cross border terrorism and sponsoring terrorism. It was evident from the body language of the Pakistan Prime Minister at Ufa summit that the dialogue between two nations would not possible until Pakistan assures to end sponsoring cross border terrorism.

Pakistan is not ready to discuss about these two topics rather finds the ways to disrupt peace talks at NSA level. There are two reasons that Pakistan doesn’t want to raise ‘terrorism’ as core issue.

First the cross border terrorism – a terrorist Usman was apprehended by Indian police recently. And, the second reason that the revelation of under world don Dawood Ibrahim residing in Pakistan.

Cross border terrorism is an open truth that – it is being sponsored by Pakistan and Pakistan Army. Heavy firing along the border by the troops of Pakistan, as expected they do cover militants crossing border bid. This was evident from the Kargil War. A terrorist from Pakistan, has been captured and being interrogated by Indian officials. And, case of Kasab was the brightest example to the country has been sponsoring terrorism for many decades and India is one of the soft target among other Asian countries.

India witnessed biggest attacks like – attack on Parliament and Mumbai Attack. Hardly do the people of this country would forget those coward attacks by Pakistan. It is the greatness of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who during the Ufa meet, held talks with his counterpart and gave ascent to visit Pakistan in 2016, but his commitments for peace back fired as Pakistan diplomatically avoided the NSA level talks with India.

The second reason, the revelation of Dawood Ibrahim, is said to be the biggest drawback for Pakistan that has been denying his presence. According to media reports, the Don owned nine houses in Pakistan, has phone connection, visits to various countries with Pakistan issued passport.

These two reasons are enough to understand Pakistan’s policy on terrorism and stand of it’s leaders. They just used Separatist leaders as trump card at a proper time, so that they can bailout self from international humiliation. The failure of talks would work as eye opener for the countries those supporting Pakistan.

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