Firegaze Event and Entertainment Announces a Bigger Festival in 2017

Firegaze Event

Mumbai: The city of Mumbai witnessed one of the biggest and the most unique form of Navaratri this year with Navraag 2016 at Chitrakoot Grounds in Andheri. Over 75,000 people attended the event which was a perfect mixture of tradition, culture, fun, and entertainment. On all the days of Navaratri, the event started with a never seen before cultural aarti which spanned over 30 minutes for devotees to pay their respect to goddess Durga in the most right manner. Every day the aarti was performed with a flavor from different cultures like Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Oriya Punjabi among many others. A team of most experienced and traditional sculptors from Kolkata and Mumbai worked on the making of the idol of Goddess Durga for Navraag 2016. The clay used to make the idol was sourced from the holy ghats of river Ganga. Utmost precaution was taken to create an appeal in the idol as a mix of various cultures in India. The face of the idol had a calm look to create a positive aura among the devotees worshipping the idol. The idol was crafted in a way that pays respect as per the Bengali, Gujarati and the Marathi culture and tradition.

There were a number of unique facilities that were provided to the visitors of Navraag 2016. The entire venue had access to free wifi so as to upload live pictures and videos for the people celebrating Navraag 2016. Comfort of senior citizens was given importance and for that, a separate seating area was designed and entire ground had wooden flooring which was different and comfortable as compared to most of the other Navaratri festivals held in Mumbai this year. “I am extremely delighted and proud of what the entire team of Firegaze has done. We were also very pleased to see several differently-abled individuals enjoying at the venue. The kind of response that we have got from the citizens of Mumbai has been very positive and encouraging. We are all pumped up for the arrival of goddess Durga in 2017 and next year Navraag will be one of the biggest Navaratri festival in India and will be a never before seen show.” said Mr. Aman Jhunjhunwala, CEO of Firegaze Event and Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

In addition to the unique cultural aarti and a costume rental service for photo booth, people also got to enjoy the authentic Calcutta Chat and Multi-cuisine food stalls. Safety and security were given top priority and the venue was under CCTV surveillance with over 150 professional security guards stationed at strategic locations in Chitrakoot grounds. People who experienced exhaustion and pain were attended free of cost by professional Sujok Therapists. Navraag 2017 will be truly a milestone to watch out for.

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