Naag Dev bestows his blessings on Santoshi Maa sets


Santoshi Maa setsRecently the sets of &TV’s mythological series Santoshi Maa had an unwelcomed guest that had everyone running for their lives! Confused? Read on to know what exactly happened.

During a recent shooting schedule, Ayaz (Dhairiya) after finishing a shot was walking up to his car where his driver who was sitting inside the vehicle was moving to the beats of ‘Main Nagin Tu Sapera’. Just when Ayaz opened the car door to take his food, he saw a snake lying inside the car. The sight of the slithering reptile freaked out the actor. His driver also panicked and both of them immediately leaped out of the car and informed the production house. Recalling the hair rising incident Ayaz Ahmed says, “It was an absolute shocker. I skipped a heartbeat when I saw the snake. Luckily nothing happened and we managed to remove it from the car. I also consider it as a blessing since this is very unusual”.

Looks like the Naag Dev just stopped by to give his blessings to the hardworking people of Santoshi Maa. Tune in to Santoshi Maa, every Mon – Fri, 9pm only on &TV

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